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The 4 pillars of the Healthy Place to Work certification are Sense of Purpose, Physical Health, Mental well-being and Social Connections.  


Sense of Purpose: Feeling like your job has a connection to your purpose and your work is meaningful is truly important to us at Boyum IT Solutions. We take interest in our team's professional and personal growth, and feel like their work-life balance is adjusted to their goals and overall health.


Physical Health is key for Boyum IT Solutions since it has always been a concern and a big part of our company culture. We encourage promoting Energy For Life initiatives in all our offices, to remind everyone that staying fit, active, and healthy is crucial for them to be able to enjoy every other aspect of their lives.


Mental Well-being is one of our main focuses as well. We have been investing, year after year, into understanding more about how each team member feels and encouraging everyone to delegate and automate as much work as possible in order to reduce stress. Management is always open to discussing ways of making the team member's life easier to achieve that stress-free environment and keep it a reality in our offices.


Social Connections were also a big part of our culture from the beginning. We take pride in our global, multi-cultural team and want everyone to stay connected no matter how far they can be from certain colleagues. In person, we try to come up with initiatives that will promote that socialization and team work in a fun way.



Benefits of working at Boyum IT

Being part of a diverse team composed of people from all around the world. Currently, we count 37 different nationalities - and counting.

The peer support and control over your own work are things 94% and 89% of our team members are happy very about, respectively.

Our company culture of wellness is highly appreciated by 86% of our employees. We encourage a good work-life balance that allows you to be social, physically active, and, most of all, present to your family.

Boyum IT is a dynamic work place – driven by commitment and results. We set high standards for our employees and value initiative and innovation at all levels of the organization. Through involved and inspired leadership, we develop employees personally and professionally. As an employee at Boyum IT you become part of an international culture of committed colleagues and strongly manifested corporate values.

You will quickly earn the responsibility level naturally linked to your skills and achievements. At Boyum IT, we are proud of our employees, their technical and industry expertise and their ability to develop, adapt and implement business solutions that help our customers maximize their efficiency and overall business performance.

Boyum IT has a strong culture promoting core values of Family, Social, Fit and Excellence.

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