Better quality inspections management

Automate inspection operations, optimize data-collection on the shop floor and react to results faster.

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What can Inspect do for you?

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Focused on specific business roles, and the issues and needs that these employees face, Inspect improves the productivity of quality departments and helps them to make better decisions by automating inspection operations, streamlining data collection on the shop floor, and responding to results in real time.


With its 2 separate applications, Inspect enables quality managers and inspectors to work seamlessly together.



It enables quality managers to plan, automate and delegate work

Inspect Manager

Define inspection plans


Release and track inspection orders

It assists inspectors in running tests and recording results.

Inspect Operator

View and execute samples


Collect quality data efficiently

Key benefits for your business


  • Out-of-the-box solutions for specific business roles for a fast and fluid way of working.



  • Less complexity through easy-to-use functions and self-explanatory user interface.   



  • Effortless and hassle-free implementation and minimal support for a fast go-live. 


"The cloud for us is more flexible (...). They can be logged onto to tablets and see what jobs they need to manufacture and supply for us."

Martin Davies, Sales @ British Motor Heritage

(Automotive, UK)

"Great, intuitive add-ons, bringing the needed functionality."


David Barnes, IT Systems @ Metrasens

(Medical Devices, UK)

“It's been a fun journey and we know that we have a lot of trailblazing left to explore.”


Matthew Froehlich, Supply Chain @ FlashCo

(Construction, USA)

Product integrations




Compatible with...



Role-based cloud apps that fit your needs

Start using an adapted interface for the specific problems each role is facing.


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