Over 400 Professional Services companies are streamlining their business processes and increasing productivity with Boyum solutions for professional services.


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With Boyum services business software, service companies can increase productivity and better collaborate with their staff and customers alike. They also have increased flexibility in business operations thanks to reduced IT consultancy costs from deploying our solutions.

Here are some of the most common challenges we see in Professional Services companies.

No flexibility to embedd your workflows 

The usability of an ERP system plays a crucial role in a professional services environment.

High IT consultancy cost

The more complex and rigid your technology platform, the more significant input you will need from external technical experts. As a result, post-implementation costs escalate, and your ERP's return on investment is reduced. 

Disjointed system and manual processes

With data in multiple locations, paper forms are consuming your employees' time and are prone to errors. An accurate warehouse operation is impossible.

Limited Team Collaboration

With people and projects often spread across multiple sites, it’s crucial to keep everyone working off the same information source using helpful tools to enable real-time collaboration and communication.

No real-time visibility of business performance impacting your growth

When data is held offline and updated manually in spreadsheets, you are prone to data errors that can impact the accuracy of the results and your progress

Decreasing project profits

Professional Services Project Management plays a significant aspect in your company’s success. Unexpected problems that threaten your project’s profitability can come up from many sources. In an environment with multiple active projects, the possibility of costly issues multiplies quickly.

Secure your growth with supply chain products of Boyum solutions. Gain insight into your business and beat your competition with a wide range of solution and tools that are built to support your industry's most critical challenges


Efficiencies thanks to the use of integrated software

Complete and seamless integration between your WMS system and your ERP system can provide valuable information. Your leadership team has the information they need to make effective decisions and ease the data processing task.

All data is stored in a single location, and the various programs are unified.

With full integration, you effectively have a unified system that covers all your bases, cross-linked for visibility and control, giving you the benefit of streamlined, transparent, end-to-end business processes.

And you are able to feed the rest of the business with the single source of truth they need to make reliable, fact-based decisions and create value.


Optimize Your Resources

Your company’s processes need to be optimized to maximize production output and reduce manual errors. To deal with the increasing demand, your company must collect business information in real-time.

With Boyum professional services software, you can automate any department's processes to fit your specific business operations.

Combined with a Pritning and Emailing solution together with Outlook solution, you can save precious time, increacr your staff capacity, reduce errors and increase your customer safisfaction and operations efficiency.

Low Cost Usability Tools

Moving to a low-code or no-code ERP system gives you greater capacity to make changes internally, cutting reliance on consultancy. Non-tech-savvy users can make key changes using a simplified interface. 

Boyum Solutions allow you to Adjusting to unique situations quickly and executing services with top-line functionality is expected of professional service firms. 

That means enabling your organization to deliver agility in real-time.


Enhanced Team Communication & Collaboration

Boyum business services software integrates all processes within an organization and allows everyone to collaborate through the same system. With centralized information, each division and even branch office can work together without interrupting each other.

The marketing team can provide the leads' information from ads to the sales team through the CRM system. The sales team can inform the marketing team about leads' qualifications to focus more on effective lead sources. The finance department can find out expenses incurred by each division or staff without asking them directly. At the same time, the HR department can keep track of staff activities, including their attendance, leave, working hours, reimbursement requests, and more.


Real-Time Visibility to Your Business

You created your businesses to make money. Not having visibility of your performance at your fingertips does not allow for timely decision making. Not knowing where to improve your business is limiting your ability to grow.

Boyum products provide a wide array of functionality to keep track of every relevant aspect of your production planning.

Our solution allows you to quickly build dashboards and define KPIs that will deliver real-time information, putting you in front of your business, so you can quickly adapt and maintain your competitive advantage in the market.  


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B1 Usabiliby Package provides numerous easy-to-use tools to completely redesign the interface & workflows of SAP Business One to fit your business and your way of working.

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CRM for Outlook provides instant access to essential information and makes it easy to perform SAP Business One tasks from within  Outlook. It enables employees from all departments to respond swiftly and accurately to leads, customers, and suppliers. 

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B1 Print & Delivery (B1P&D) enables your company to scale communication through true automation, while still preserving the personal touch required to connect with your audience. With a comprehensive set of features and flexible logic, B1P&D can cater for the most diverse scenarios.  

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B1 iPayment makes it easy to accept electronic payments in SAP Business One integrated with the best-known and most reliable payment gateways worldwide. Following the PCI DSS compliance standard, B1 iPayment provides peace of mind by processing transactions fast,  automated,  and secure.

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