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Do you want to increase your production and cut down on costs? 

Manufacturing excellence is about more than producing quality goods. It is about your entire business. Beas Manufacturing understands this and offers a suite of manufacturing software solutions that help companies streamline their processes. They can manage orders, production planning, inventory management, and control from start to finish, so they can concentrate on what really matters: generating profit. 


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Beas Manufacturing offers subcontract manufacturing as a standard process. External processes are set up within the product's routing as procurement of service during the manufacturing run.

Avoid product shortage. You can adjust material requirements planning for a manufacturing or procurement process based on evaluating production plans and real-time inventory levels, considering flexible parameters such as demands and supplies.

Imagine what you could accomplish by automating the reporting? You can record production quantities and times, process and energy data, material transactions, from external data sources into Beas Manufacturing and SAP Business One. You can also capture applications data on handheld mobile devices or access it through simple smartphones or tablets, including terminal applications for Factory Data Collection.

Beas Manufacturing offers a versatile and powerful module tailored for use in project-based manufacturing.

  • You can create multi-level projects with time tracking capabilities.
  • Define budgets for projects
  • Attach activities, sales, and purchase transactions directly to the project.
  • Product Configurator and work orders can be attached to the project.
  • You can calculate costs for projects as well as define milestones.

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Flexible manufacturing means that Beas Manufacturing can provide a solution tailored to its clients' unique needs. The Beas manufacturing software suite provides robust and scalable solutions for companies who need help streamlining production processes, reducing costs, and increasing flexibility. All Beas products are designed with ease-of-use in mind so that anyone from shop floor staff to management.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Beas Manufacturing's planning and scheduling tools can allow production managers to schedule the factory workload according to resource capacity and material availability. Production dates are updated, and resources are utilized to their maximum.

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Managing revisions of items and bills of materials can be a challenging task, especially for complicated multi-level BOMs. With Beas Manufacturing, you can effectively manage several active BOMs simultaneously for the same item. You can also track the impact of the modifications for each revision.

Beas Manufacturing's product configurator allows companies to build configurable, multi-option, and customizable products. This provides them with a competitive edge by reducing lead times, automating quotation documentation, increasing workforce efficiency, eliminating errors and rework, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Reducing cost is a top priority for many companies. Beas Manufacturing can help them minimize costs by providing a reliable, comprehensive solution that is easy to maintain and use.

Quickly calculate an accurate product cost, selling price, and margin calculation which helps when quoting. Compare your planned and actual production and purchase costs, better calculate your margin and profitability and support decision-making.

Beas Manufacturing provides complete control of your total manufacturing cost with unique pre-calculation functionality to simulate the product's planned cost. Now you can gain deeper insights into production costs and pinpoint areas to save money.

Beas Manufacturing offers an advanced cost accounting feature that allows distribution rules to be established according to production activity. For example, different rules for financial transactions from SAP Business One and specific reports for analyzing transactions related to cost centers and cost elements.

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Companies must produce quality products that meet or exceed customers' expectations and minimize waste. Quality products can help to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and improve customer retention.

Define what, when, and how products are tested. Beas Manufacturing helps promote quality by providing a full audit and electronic documentation trail and increasing overall product quality and traceability. You can view all the components used in manufacturing, including which parts are involved and their lot or serial numbers. Meet regulatory Standards

It is crucial for companies, especially manufacturers, to meet regulatory standards. Beas Manufacturing's manufacturing software can help you meet regulatory requirements by accurately tracking and managing the right materials. Providing traceability of products at any point in time, reducing compliance costs, and complying with regulatory authorities on demand.

Beas manufacturing maintenance solution help you avoid unplanned downtime and increase production availability by actively managing planned downtime and can help you consistently reduce machine and line stoppages by offering preventive and corrective maintenance plans.

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Beas Manufacturing can be implemented successfully in any industry that relies on manufacturing and production, including:


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"With SAP Business One we have really noticed it has strengthened the team and raises our profile and credibility.”


Sara Buetti, Special Components Production Manager. Rudolf Brügger. Locarno, Switzerland.

“ With SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing you get a system that support your growth and grow with you”.


Andrea Memoli. Supply-Chain Manager. Movex. Bergamo. Italy

“In this improvement, we are currently seeing and hope to continue, SAP Business One and Beas certainly play a pivotal role.”


Martino Piccioli, President at Plastifil SA. Mendrisio, Switzerland.

One of the core concepts that make Beas Manufacturing a successful solution for discrete and process manufacturers is our adherence to SAP AIM or Accelerated Implementation Methodology.

At Boyum IT, we understand your industry and appreciate that choosing the right business solution and technology partner is key to your future success. We currently work with over 620 partners worldwide and provide them with global support from more than 9 locations.

Our partners have access to our Beas Manufacturing specialists for any questions they have around project quality assurance and functional support. Ensuring that you, the customer get the best service.

We provide our partners and customers with on-site training workshops, eLearning courses, and implementation tools founded in more than 17 years of manufacturing experience.

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