Product design and management

Manage requirements and specifications for new products, plan and keep track of the progress of relevant development tasks, and add finished products into your ERP system.

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What can Build do for you?


Adding products to an ERP system is often seen as the greatest hurdle in the product development process; getting a product ready for production can be a complicated, manual task.


Communication between departments is essential to ensure the right materials and production methods are used, but this process is often managed manually, leading to mistakes and lost production time.


Learn more about integrated processes and best practice workflows for a fast and fluid way of working.




Product development process using Build


Plan jobs for a new or changing product


Calculate costs and determine prices




Build a BoM and an operation plan


Approve and release final products

Key benefits for your business


  • Planning board to keep track of production items currently in product development, plan these requests and track progress.


  • Excel template to import Bill of Materials from your CAD or PDM solution, and manage new imported BoM, add materials or items from other products or create product requests for individual items.


  • Templates to simplify the creation of new articles and avoid errors in parameter selection.



  • Manage attachments such as specifications or drawings as well as product request tasks.



  • Craft operation plans in a fast and fluid way; drag and drop operations, resources and materials into your plan based on an imported Bill of Materials.



  • Track completed product requests for individual products to review changes.



  • Track completion date, see the current status of each product request.



  • Create and edit required items, resources, and operations so they can be used in the operation plan.



  • Calculate new and evolving products and transfer the determined sales price to an ERP price list.


"The cloud for us is more flexible (...). They can be logged onto to tablets and see what jobs they need to manufacture and supply for us."

Martin Davies, Sales @ British Motor Heritage

(Automotive, UK)

"Great, intuitive add-ons, bringing the needed functionality."


David Barnes, IT Systems @ Metrasens

(Medical Devices, UK)

“It's been a fun journey and we know that we have a lot of trailblazing left to explore.”


Matthew Froehlich, Supply Chain @ FlashCo

(Construction, USA)

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