Over 100 Plastic companies are optimizing their productivity and becoming more efficient with Boyum solutions for Life Sciences.

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Boyum Solutions is the answer for Life Science companies looking to manage better their product development, production execution, and storage. With Boyum lifescience software solutions, they can be confident that everything in compliance with industry regulations will get delivered fast as well!

Here are some of the most common challenges we see in Life-Science companies.

Productivity losses due to limited optimization of resources

Your ability to provide an accurate delivery date is a challenging task. Especially when dealing with complex formulations and multi-constraint resources combined with large numbers of short-run orders.

FEFO and shelf-life surveillance

Many systems don't support FEFO (First Expired/First Out) picking methodologies. That means you may have to manually record product expiration dates and consider shelf-life requirements manually- a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Inventory management under controlled storage conditions

Patient safety is of the highest priority for any manufacturer or distributor of Life Science Products. Exposure of Life Science products to improper storage conditions may reduce effectiveness and endanger patients.      

Serialization and product traceability

The need for trusted products requires life sciences companies to serialize their drugs and medical devices to assure full backward and forward traceability. Inefficient recall management and limited traceability is jeopardizing your brand.  

Regulatory compliance/validation

Life sciences companies are necessarily held to a high standard of public trust. Regulators made it clear that "paper compliance" is not enough. Companies are expected to maintain a real-time view of their compliance programs' effectiveness.       

Calculating accurate product margins is time-consuming

The complexity of the formulas makes cost tracking and compliant manufacturing execution a challenge for life sciences companies. It is vital to track the consumption and cost of ingredients and wasted raw materials as accurately as possible.

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Secure your growth with Boyum Life Science Software Solutions. Gain insight into your business and beat your competition with a wide range of solution and tools that are build to support your industry's most critical challenges.


Optimize your production resources

It is necessary for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to have complete control of their manufacturing operations. 

When connecting all the data and information, you can remove silos. Not only does this enable better regulatory documents, but it also allows pharmaceutical companies to meet the requirements for high quality. 

Improved connectivity and process visibility can help reduce costs, prevent losses, increase revenues, and help organizations identify new, potentially profitable business opportunities.     



Manage shelf life and FEFO

Boyum Solutions for Life Sciences keep your inventory balanced to ensure the right components and quantities are in the warehouse while reducing obsolescence related to product changes. 

Expiry date and shelf-life management allow for the tracking of prescription drugs with other date-sensitive attributes.

Optimize obsolete inventory by using FEFO picking rules. You can analyze your company's demand for finished products and manage them through sales and distribution forecasts


Inventory management of controlled storage conditions

Temperature-sensitive life science products carry a unique set of challenges and requirements regarding proper shipment and storage conditions.

With Boyum Solutions for Life Sciences, each perishable product will have precise temperature and humidity storage needs, so accurately managing multi-chamber temperature control is essential. 

We handle these complex storage requirements through recognition of all products and all pack factors coming into the warehouse and provide you with a single source of truth on compliance and safety.


Batch and serialized item traceability

Boyum Life Science Software Solutions assign a unique batch number and assign individual product identification to protect your supply chain against falsification or counterfeit products. It also ensures product and patient safety.

A standardized warehouse management system registers all inbound, internal, and outbound logistics movements of products based on industry standards, thus ensuring full traceability.

Improved data collection for regulatory documentation and compliance

Effective, documented, and transparent processes ensure accurate information is captured in real-time and available at any time. It complies with governments and regulatory bodies' regulations worldwide.

Boyum solutions for pharmaceutical can be validated against the prevailing industry standards (GAMP 5), but this is a customer's responsibility.


Quickly calculate product margins

The ability to capture actual costs at the batch level provides granular cost visibility, which is of paramount importance in the industry.

With Boyum Solutions for Life Sciences, you can capture, assign and compare actual and standard costs for all finished products. This includes not only material costs but also labor, machine, and overhead costs as well. You can also calculate co-products and by-products costs and the impact of waste.

We integrate all that information into one system, which is where most companies face a real challenge.




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"We have been using SAP Business One and PDMX WMS since 2008 to manage and optimize our logistic services to our life sciences and healthcare customers. Both systems have successfully evolved along with our needs"

Dennis Willemyns, IT Manager, Movianto Belgium & The Netherlands


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