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Construction and Engineering companies rely on Boyum software solutions for increased productivity, visibility into the supply chain and subcontractors & project management. Here are some of the most common challenges we see in the Construction and Engineering Industry:


No alignment of logistics processes

Knowing, storing, picking, packing, and delivering what you have in inventory in the fastest possible way is challenging. It requires a strict alignment of inbound, internal, and outbound logistic processes.

Productivity losses due to limited optimization of resources

Bill of material complexity and multi-constraint production resources such as machines, tools, and labor skills, can be challenging when needing to provide accurate delivery.

Warehouse space filled with obsolete inventory

Excess inventory carries a cost as it ties up cash reserves and occupies expensive warehouse space. Inventory and BOM accuracy is critical to support the planning process.     

Limited visibility and management of external subcontractors

Supply chains are increasingly complex and global in nature,  impacting customer delivery lead times and adding more stock into the supply chain. While many of the produced or sold items are bespoke, managing an extensive catalog, coordinating, and planning subcontractors consumes much workforce. On the other hand, the visibility of external production processes remains limited.

Complying with industry quality standards is a critical business process

Issues with non-compliance of products and inadequate specifications of construction projects can have catastrophic effects. Integrated quality and inventory management that allows for full traceability will help construction materials companies to prevent this from happening.

Decreasing project profits

Construction Project Managers play a significant role in your projects' success than any other single staffer. Unexpected problems that threaten your project's profitability can come up from many sources. In an environment with multiple active projects, the possibility of costly issues multiplies quickly.      

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Optimizing logistic processes

Boyum Solutions provides full GS1 support to quickly identify products and logistic units throughout your inbound, internal, and outbound logistics processes

It includes integration with supply chain partners through EDI or e-commerce regardless of software differences or upgrades.

Multiple picking  strategies to fulfill sales orders in an optimum way combined with advanced packing  and shipping options.


Optimize Your Resources

Your company's resources need to be optimized to maximize production output, reduce changeover and setups. To deal with the increasing demand, your company must collect shop floor information in real-time.

With Boyum Solutions, you can calculate capacity planning and initial delivery dates via finite backward scheduling.

Combined with Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality, you can schedule both material availability and capacity together to calculate the capable to promise delivery date.

Reduce your inventory obsolescence

For a construction and engineering company, real-time inventory, and bill of material accuracy, is critical to support the planning of production orders and the forecasting of purchase items. This is especially true when having long-lead-time components with some of your suppliers.

Boyum's supply and demand management balances your inventory and ensures the right components and quantities are in the warehouse at the right time.

That means reducing inventory obsolescence related to product changes, which positively impacts your financial bottom line.


Manage and coordinate external subcontractors

Subcontract manufacturing is supported as standard with Boyum Solution. when you can define an external process within the product's BOM, either as buying a service (capacity) or buying an assembly (free issue of inventory). 

When leveraging advanced planning and scheduling tools, you can balance supply and demand, reduce inventory holding levels, and improve external subcontractors' management and collaboration.

Boyum products will provide your metal fabrication company with increased visibility and supplier production forecasts.

Meet Industry Quality Standards

Today, many enterprises are still operating manual paper-based quality control systems. However, running an offline quality system means that you waste precious time and resources whenever you perform a customer audit or maintain preferred supplier status.

Quality control allows enterprises to define what, when and how products are tested, providing a full audit and electronic documentation trail of the quality control procedures and processes.




Real-Time Visibility to Your Business

You created your businesses to make money. Not having visibility of your performance at your fingertips does not allow for timely decision-making. Not knowing where to improve your business is limiting your ability to grow.

Boyum products provide a wide array of functionality to keep track of every relevant aspect of your production planning.

Our solution allows you to quickly build dashboards and define KPIs that will deliver real-time information—putting you in front of your business to quickly adapt and maintain your competitive edge in the market.



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Beas Manufacturing Basic: Beas Manufacturing is offering functionality from the planning phase through to control, implementation, and fulfillment, Beas Manufacturing ensures efficiency and flexibility.

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Beas Manufacturing APS: Enhances the Beas Basic capacity planning by incorporating features for finite capacity planning, with powerful functions for forward and backward production scheduling, linking production scheduling to materials availability and much more! Learn more about Beas Manufacturing APS.

Beas APS Ganntt Viewer: Graphical visualization of the APS scheduling on a Gantt chart, with features for displaying schedule per work orders or per resources, viewing resources’ workload, and manually adjusting the work orders’ scheduling on a timeline.

Beas Maintenance of Resources (Machines, Tools) and shipped Components / Equipment: Fully integrated maintenance solution that includes features for internal and external maintenance scenarios, maintenance plans for preventive (calendar-based) and predictive (productivity-based) maintenance, corrective maintenance, and more. Learn more about Beas Manufacturing Maintenance.

Beas Project Management: Powerful module for project-based manufacturing, including the creation of multi-level projects with time tracking possibility, the definition of expenses budgets for projects, creation of activities, sales and purchase transactions directly from the project, triggering work orders and Product Configurator from the project, defining milestones, and calculating actual projects’ costs.

B1 Usability Package provides numerous easy-to-use tools to completely redesign the interface & workflows of SAP Business One to fit your business and your way of working.

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Produmex WMS supports state-of-the-art RF terminal technology, making you 10x faster than trying to process transactions manually. It provides full forward and backward traceability of materials and components. It is batch number and serial number based, tracking their quality status from goods receipt throughout internal logistics till delivery of the finished product.

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Produmex Scan is a robust and reliable barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions. The solution supports multiple warehouse operators, processing high volumes of transactions while maintaining high performance.

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