Real-time shop floor management

Get real-time communication to shop floor managers and operators from the cloud app Produce. 


What can Produce do for you?

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“With my current ERP system, I am missing real-time communication with the shop floor operators, which leads to time lag and outdated data on the processing status of production orders." - Shop Floor Manager

“I deal with a lot of paperwork, as time and materials are manually recorded on printed production orders. Changes to production orders are not visible as new printouts are required." - Shop Floor Operator


Produce is composed of 2 separate
 that help shop floor managers
and operators
 work seamlessly together.






Produce Manager

Organize production orders and track progress in real-time >>

Production approval for the operators


Production order backlog management


Production progress monitoring

Produce Operator

View production orders, and register work done and material usage >>


Overview of work stages for released orders


Material and resource information


Production data collection and reporting

Key benefits for your business


  • Prioritize your production orders to be able to control the sequence and visibility on the shop floor terminal.


  • Viewing production orders, and registering done work and material usage.




  • Access instructions, material and resource requirements and collect production data paperlessly.


  • Decreasing complexity for fast-learning curve through easy, user-friendly functions and UI.




  • Monitoring production progresses, checking time and material costs, and completing the production orders.


  • Faster provision of the services through hassle-free implemen­tation and minimal support. 



"The cloud for us is more flexible (...). They can be logged onto to tablets and see what jobs they need to manufacture and supply for us."

Martin Davies, Sales @ British Motor Heritage

(Automotive, UK)

"Great, intuitive add-ons, bringing the needed functionality."


David Barnes, IT Systems @ Metrasens

(Medical Devices, UK)

“It's been a fun journey and we know that we have a lot of trailblazing left to explore.”


Matthew Froehlich, Supply Chain @ FlashCo

(Construction, USA)

Product integrations





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