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Do you want to improve your logistics operations and cut down on costs? 

When you are running a business, efficiency and accuracy are critical. But these should not be sacrificed for carelessness or speed. That is why Produmex WMS is the perfect fit for your warehouse: fast, but not at the expense of accuracy. Warehouse management system's strength is its ability to cover various needs. With RF terminals available that increase productivity by 10x while maintaining high levels of precision combined with batch and serial number management and full traceability across all logistics operations. 

Optimized space and operation 

Maximizing warehouse space usage

Warehouse space is expensive and should be used in an optimum way to avoid empty or under-used aisles, bin locations, and shelves. Produmex WMS software offers you the possibility to design and operate your warehouse space in an optimum way. It considers parameters such as fast-running and slow-running products, product ownership, batch, and shelf-life management, etc. 

Optimizing inbound, internal, and outbound logistics operations 

The essence of logistics operations is to streamline the inbound, internal, and outbound logistics processes that are aligned together. It includes receiving goods and putting them at the appropriate location, moving goods internally, and keeping track of their exact location. And finally, ensuring that during pick and pack operations, goods are collected from their correct place and shipped to a valid delivery address on time. 

Accurate zone and storage condition management 

In many industries, products need to be stored under specific storage conditions, e.g., temperature-related, hazard-related, batch-related, value-related, etc. Produmex WMS allows you to finetune this process to ensure that you will store products under adequate storage conditions. 

Lower warehouse operations costs 

Eliminating manual paper-based tasks 

Paper-based tasks are slow and error-prone because you need to enter data multiple times. RF-based operations based on correctly identifying received, picked, and packed products are faster and 100% accurate, leading to lower operating costs. 

Reduced delivery and returns handling costs 

Fulfilling logistics operations is about delivering the right products to the right customers according to the correct customer requirements. Produmex Warehouse Management System allows optimizing that process by ensuring you pick and pack the right products, optimizing timely delivery through delivery routes, and preventing costly and time-consuming returns handling. 

Optimization of Value-Added Logistics (VAL), kitting, and simplified productions operations

Many customers expect their logistics provider also to be able to support Value Added Logistics (VAL), kitting, or simple production operations. Produmex WMS software provides functionality in the standard product for these procedures, thus eliminating the need for an additional system for these requirements. 

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Improved inventory visibility 

Real-time inventory reporting 

With Produmex Warehouse management , you always have in real-time a view of what inventory you have at hand and where it is located. Any product movement is immediately reflected in the Produmex WMS inventory report. So no doubts about that. 

Full batch and serial number traceability and audit trail

Produmex WMS software provides the possibility of combined batch and serial number traceability, which standard SAP Business One does not support. This traceability report contains information about every move a product has made during the inbound, internal, and outbound logistics processes. It registers Best-Before-Dates (where appropriate) and details of people that have executed the actions, thus offering a complete audit trail: who did what, when, and why. 

Automated cycle counting and replenishment 

To prevent stock outages at pick locations and ensure stock accuracy at storage locations, Produmex Warehouse management System offers automated cycle counting and replenishment functions. These functions check whether a location threatens to drop below its minimum required quantity and should be replenished based on various parameters. It furthermore allows verifying on frequency or operation-based criteria whether a location should be cycle-counted. 

Practical resource and staffing levels

Real-time overview of goods receipts, ASN (Advance Shipping Notifications), sales orders, picklists 

As a warehouse supervisor or manager, you will always have access to an overview of expected goods receipts, Advance Shipping Notifications (ASN's), sales orders, and picklists. You have control over the release and scheduling of these to organize the workload in the warehouse. 

Dashboards for KPI's to decide on appropriate staffing levels 

Through the integration with the Boyum IT Usability Package, it is possible to define intuitive dashboards which give you a quick view of the day-to-operation of your warehouse. Data is collected from various tables in the SAP Business One database and the associated Produmex warehouse management system tables so that you can design the dashboards to your exact requirements. 

Detailed definition of staff authorizations 

Not every team member of your warehouse staff is suited to execute all tasks in the warehouse, so you need to manage their authorizations. Produmex WMS allows you to finetune SAP Business One's permissions through several default forms. Ensuring every operator in the warehouse is authorized to execute the tasks you want him to do. 

Stronger customer service 

Delivery speed and accuracy 

The yardstick by which you measure a logistics company is the accuracy of what it delivers to its customers and the time frame in which it can do that. Produmex WMS enables you to achieve an accuracy of +99% in both areas. 

Optimum product storage management for a customer 

Customers also want to be sure that the products they order are stored and delivered to them in an optimum way. Depending on their industry, parameters such as batch and shelf-life management, best before dates, storage zone conditions, batch attributes, serial numbers, variable weights, etc., must be registered and proven.

Full traceability and recall management based on GS1 standards 

Produmex WMS offers full compliance with the supply chain standards of the global GS1 organization. Including individual product identification (GS1 GTIN – Global Trade Item Number), extended product identification (GS1-128), logistic units identifiers (SSCC – Serial Shipment Container Codes). Produmex WMS offers this on various information carriers, including GS1/EAN 128 barcodes, GS1 Data Matrix, GS1 QR coding, GS1 EPC (electronic product code) for RFID identification. In this way, Produmex WMS offers complete traceability and effective recall management, should that be necessary. 



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Industries we serve 

Produmex WMS can be implemented successfully in any industry that relies on warehousing and logistics, including: 

Third party logistics

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Food and Beverage 

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High-Tech and Electronics

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Industrial Machinery

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Wholesale and Distribution

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Life Sciences

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Construction and Engineering

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Construction and Engineering

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Aerospace and Defense

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Produmex WMS extends SAP Business One standard functionality with concepts that are important for the operational management of items while adding specific parameters that must be set to ensure that it functions correctly.

  Function ­SAP
  Warehouses ­+ ­+
  Bin Locations ­+ ­+
  Advanced organizational Structure (Zones, Docks, Silos / Tanks) ­+
  Batch Management ­+ ­+
  Serial Number Management ­+ ­+
  Simultaneously Manage Batch and Serial Numbers ­+
  Units of Measure Groups ­+ ­+
  Best Before Date / Expiry Date ­+
  Shelf Life ­+
  Quality Control Features ­+
  Advanced Batch Attributes ­+
  Replenishment Features ­+
  Reserved Stok per Customers ­+
  Catch Weights ­+




Produmex WMS functionality requires the warehouse structure to be defined, and this is configured in the Organizational Structure through the addition and arrangement of various structural elements in the company. It also provides a wide range of configurable settings that allow the logistics operations of the warehouse to be defined.

  Function ­SAP
Business One
  Bin Locations  ­+ ­+
  Bin Locations Attributes ­+ ­+
  Warehouse Sublevels only 4 ­+
  Warehouse Sublevels Attributes (Zonetypes) ­+ +
  Advanced Warehouse Structure (Zones, Docks, Packing Lines, Production Lines, Silos,       Tanks, Thin Clients, Printers) ­+ ­+
 Graphical representation of the warehouse structure + ­+
  Item restriction at bin locations ­+ +
  Quality Status Management + ­+
  Minimum & Maxium quantities per bin location + ­+
  Minimum & Maxium quantities per bin location and item + ­+
  Configuration of Advanced Logistics Busniness Processes (Extension Parameters) + ­+
  Label Printing Compliance with GS1 Standard + ­+
  Label Printing Technology Crystal Reports Crystal Reports


  Function ­SAP
Business One
  Inbound Container Management ­+
  Cross Docking ­+
  ASN Reception ­— ­+
  Bulk Reception ­— ­+
  Guided Put Away ­+
  Quality Control at Reception ­— ­+
  Picking + ­+
  Picklist Proposal Generator ­+
  Advanced Picking Strategies (Wave, Zone, Multi & Ad-hoc) ­+
  Packing + ­+
  Picklist Robot (Automated Picklist Generation) ­+
  Planning & Executing of Delivery Routes ­+
  Consolidated Packing ­+
  Outbound Container Management ­+
  Advanced Inventory Picking ­+
  Picking for Production Orders + ­+
  Weighing and Dispensing ­+
  Production Manager Dashboard ­+
  Bin to Bin Transfer + ­+
  Warehouse Transfer Requests + ­+
  Advanced Cycle Counting ­+
  Replenishment ­+
  Enhanced Cycle Counting ­+
  Enhanced Detailed Transation History ­+
  Bulk Ingredients & Liquid Management ­+
  Inventory Locking (Advanced Allocation) ­+
  Logistic Carrier Management ­+
  Returnable Item Management ­+
  3PL Invoicing ­+
  EDI ­+

"We opted for SAP Business One. It’s a very practical package containing everything you could dream of, including all sorts of add-ons such as CRM and ProdumexWMS. Everyone has real-time information about customers, invoices, deliveries and available products, but the biggest benefit comes from its integration with our new website."

Frank Cesar, Managing Director, VitaMed

"Before SAP Business One and Produmex WMS, we had to rebuild our system once a year. We didn't have a real-time view of our inventory, we didn't have the visibility and we were just not organized. But now we do have real-time inventory data, visibility and we are now organized."

Silvia Garcia, President & CEO, Tolteca Foods, Food & Beverage

"To give our customers the best service, we need real-time and correct information from our ERP system. SAP Business One and Produmex WMS help us to deliver the best service to the customer. In the warehouse, all the information is accurate and easy to find."

Jelmer Boersma, CFO, Oliehoorn, Food & Beverage

Choose a Support and Implementation Partner 

One of the core concepts that make Produmex WMS a successful solution for discrete and process manufacturers is our adherence to SAP AIM or Accelerated Implementation Methodology. 

At Boyum IT, we understand your industry and appreciate that choosing the right business solution and technology partner is key to your future success. We currently work with over 620 partners worldwide and provide global support from more than 9 locations. 

Our partners have access to our Produmex WMS specialists for any questions about project quality assurance and functional support. Ensuring that you, the customer get the best service. 

We provide our partners and customers with on-site training workshops, eLearning courses, and implementation tools founded in over 17 years of manufacturing experience.

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