With B1 iPayment you can now safely accept electronic payments in SAP Business One, integrated with Trust Payments & Authorize.net.


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Are you ready to accept electronic payments? 

Nowadays, it's hard to imagine a business that doesn't accept electronic payments. You can save time and money by automating the process of accepting credit card payments in SAP Business One. B1 iPayment is PCI DSS compliant and provides peace of mind by processing automated, fast, and secure transactions. 

Get ahead of the competition 

Even if your company is currently tiny, an electronic payment system will help you grow. It significantly reduces cash flow concerns and improve the overall efficiency of working capital management.  

Save money 

Electronic payments enable companies to save huge amounts of money. Every aspect of non-electronic payment - from posting, deposits, employees, manual processes, and more - costs time and money. Electronic payments processing only involve comparatively small transaction fees. 

Get paid faster 

Many businesses have experienced shorter payment cycles with B1 iPayment. You can expect faster, automated payments of invoices and credit cards transactions in SAP Business One and avoid the pain of waiting for checks on the bank or even delayed payments. 

Freedom Of Choice 

With so many options, you can select the right electronic payment gateway based on your preferences, location, customer service levels, and transaction fees. And it's always easy to switch providers once you want to, which means you can adapt your payments strategy. 

Absolute Payment Security 

In this day and age, security is a top priority for everyone. With B1 iPayment, you can be sure that your payment data are stored safely, securely, and always encrypted and even when the transmission methods change. 

PCI DSS compliant Gateways 

We understand that security breaches can present severe consequences for customers and even bigger liability for you. We integrate with the most trusted payment service providers that follow strict security standards. We use a representative token instead of card data to ensure that your business always remains secure. 

No personal information 

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can choose not to store or erase any personal information about credit cardholders. Give your customers a secure link to enter their credit card details directly onto the safe form provided by your payment provider. You are ensuring that none of your employees are handling sensitive data! 

Fraud Prevention Data-Checking 

B1 iPayment's Fraud Prevention Data-Checking helps validate a cardholder's data before entering it into the system to reduce fraud. Benefit from additional protection is provided by featured gateways, which may use verification systems such as AVS/CCV2/CAVV. 

Learn what B1 iPayment can do for your business

Streamline your financial processes 

B1 iPayment integrates seamlessly with the SAP Business One ERP system. It consolidates your business processes and will help you control your financial functions and give you more time to work on your business. 

Pay Now Links 

B1 iPayment and B1 Print and Delivery work together to streamline the payment process. Now you can automatically send out a secure link for a simple payment process in a batch. This means you can get paid in real-time and get the cash in your account quicker. 

Batch Transactions 

From SAP Business One, you can process a batch of transactions and settle everything in one go. This helps reduce errors, improve the efficiency of your operations, and get paid faster. 

No More Late Payments 

Keep your customer cards up to date and always receive payments on time. By using the Credit Card Expiration Report, you can check for your customer's last credit card expiration date and update them before it is too late. 

Make your customers happy 

The last time your customer ordered a product from you, they had to wait for a couple of days or even weeks to get it all because of the long and tiring paper-based procedures. With electronic payments, all this is automated; your customer can pay immediately after checking out online or on the phone. 

Support Multiple Cards 

Easily accept multiple credit cards for your customers or when they make a payment. It also helps you to reduce the need for duplicate data entry. B1 iPayment, therefore, enhances your customer relationship and speeds up your business processes. 

One-Time Customers 

Do you have a customer that only orders once or twice a year? We know that the more a cardholder uses your services, the higher their lifetime value is. With B1 iPayment, you can quickly and efficiently process one-time customers by assigning a credit card to the individual document. 


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