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SAP Business One is a popular business management software. It can be very frustrating for SAP users who want to add features and functionality that SAP didn't provide out of the box. B1UP is an SAP Business One customization tool that makes SAP business management software uniquely suited for your business. 


SAP Business One customers should consider how the cost of ownership can increase when customizing SAP, including expenses such as SAP developer salaries, training, support, and maintenance. B1UP SAP customization tool is a cost-effective way to extend SAP functionality without SAP development experts on staff. 

SAP Business One users are now experiencing with SAP customization, which was previously only available to SAP development experts. B1 Usability Package is an affordable business solution that makes SAP Business One easy to implement and includes built-in features that simplify various business processes. 


Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your organization's data is the key to making important decisions and taking action to improve your business. SAP Business One provides you with several built-in reports, but there are many things that SAP data doesn't cover. B1UP gives your SAP users new tools and the freedom to access SAP data in innovative ways without burdening existing resources. 

Data Visualization and Dashboards 

Build interactive dashboards and charts using SAP Business One's existing data, extending them quickly and easily. Including a cockpit that provides interactive tools to review up-to-date data and make on-the-go decisions. You can display your data in eye-catching, colorful charts and pop-up dashboards to visualize your SAP data

Custom Reports 

Create your own fully customizable reports based on HANA or SQL data. SAP Business One provides built-in reports to get you started, but there are many things SAP data doesn't cover. B1UP gives your SAP users new tools to access SAP data in innovative ways and makes it easy for them to create the reports they need. 

Crystal Reports 

Crystal reports are SAP's most widely used SAP reporting tools. Now you can display, print, or save Crystal Report-based layouts from SAP Business. You can create and share reports for SAP Business One's related information and SAP data. 


Business processes are often complex and challenging to manage. SAP Business One's built-in functions cover many of the business operations in a company. Still, there is always something that SAP does not provide out of the box. B1UP offers SAP users the ability to simplify SAP business processes. This dramatically reduces the time and effort required for SAP implementation and software customization while allowing you to do more with SAP data. 


Design macros to eliminate manual tasks or run system tasks on a scheduled basis without SAP developers. A macro is a small program that controls how SAP displays information. It lets you automate repetitive tasks, such as filling out data fields, adding records to tables, or running system tasks. 


Team Collaboration 

In today's fast-paced business environment, SAP users simply cannot do everything on their own. B1 Usability Package provides the software customization tools to collaborate and delegate responsibilities in your organization. Users can assign automated activities and internal messages to team members. 

External Reports  

Easily integrate SAP Business One with external applications, systems, and interfaces. You can import external data into SAP tables. Linking these external reports is an effortless process that gives you more flexibility in viewing your business information. 

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Productivity is not just about SAP users being able to process data faster but also SAP users being able to do more with SAP data. SAP users can save time and cut down on administrative costs by creating their own fully customizable screen design to meet specific business processes. They can optimize the SAP system for quick information access when needed - all without coding or IT support! 

Screen Design 

You can make every window in SAP Business One suit each user's needs and display the SAP data in a way that makes sense for each person. Tailor the screens, navigation, and more to make it easier to access critical data. 

Custom Messages 

Guide and inform users through personalized system pop-up messages and standard SAP messages. B1UP lets you make it easy for users to learn SAP and stay on track by providing them with relevant system messages and alerts. 


Your SAP Business One menus and system navigation can be completely altered to reflect your SAP user's business processes. You can add buttons and right-click menus to SAP Business One to make navigation more intuitive for your SAP users. You can also find relevant information quickly and efficiently in SAP Business One using a Google-style search tool. 

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Data quality is essential to the information flow within a system, and incorrect data can drastically impact business operations and decision-making. Make SAP Business One foolproof when it comes to data quality by setting SAP Business One to automatically add extra validation checks, ensuring SAP users that they have all the correct data before moving forward.  

Validation System 

Develop validation rules that can be automatically applied to create and modify documents and macros to automate repetitive tasks, which assures the SAP users always follow your company's best practices and mandates. 

Template System 

SAP users can make data entry a breeze using a simple, form-like approach and drop-down lists. This will reduce the likelihood of SAP users making mistakes and speed up the SAP data entry process. 

Data Management Tools 

Quickly implement mass updates to documents and master data records using SAP Business One. Update SAP business documents and master data records with a simple click of the mouse, which would previously have taken SAP users hours to do. Get the most out of SAP data and improve SAP business document accuracy by streamlining your SAP Business One data maintenance. 

Why should you use B1 Usability Package?

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B1 Usability Package uses new and advanced customization tools with features designed to cover different customization needs and business requirements.

  Function ­SAP Business One B1 Usability Package
  Move Items ­+ ­+
  Hide Item ­­+ ­+
  Create new Tabs ­+ ­+
  Hide Tabs ­+ ­+
  Make fields mandatory ­— ­+
  Macros to automate processes ­+
  Function buttons ­— ­+
  Right click menus ­+
  Default Data ­+
  Add or edit menus ­+ ­+
  Quick create ­+
  Template system ­+
  TabControl ­+
  B1 Search ­+
  Update exchange rate automatically ­+
  Dashboards ­+ ­+
  Web Dashboard ­+
  Mass update ­+
  Prevent entries ­+
  Create your own Help buttons next to a field ­+
  Make user defined Windows read only for certain users ­+
  Start in Name fields on Master Data & documents instead of code field ­+
  User defined Table Handler ­+
  Display UDT on main menu or Button ­+




"When we first saw B1 Usability Package, it was like a revelation. It meets all our needs of SAP Business One customization. It is like an open-source; in a matter of minutes, even a person like me with limited skills can make customization – that saves us a lot of money." 

Yuri Sprikot, CTO, R2M Group 

"Although we have not been using the B1 Usability Package for long, we have already been able to increase the speed of our daily work and the overview by 30% after a short time - and this effect has not yet fully unleashed!” 

Klaus Wortmann, Managing Director, KW BAUFINANZIERUNG GmbH 

"Totally Wicked uses almost every standard functionality of SAP Business One to run its business, from manufacturing to purchasing. Also, the Business One Usability Package allows it to tailor applications to specific requirements such as managing retail store replenishment levels." 

Ben Williamson, Finance and Commercial Director, Totally Wicked


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