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Wholesale and Distribution companies rely on Boyum solutions to increase inventory visibility, get traceability and optimize their logistic processes. Here are some of the most familiar challenges we see in the Wholesale and Distribution Industry:

Limited inventory visibility

Wholesale and distribution companies must have complete visibility of the movement of inbound, internal, and outbound goods and avoid stock-outs, stock losses, etc. But for many, the level of stock visibility means inventory management is not easy.

Product authenticity and traceability

Transparent and efficient traceability based on batch and serialized numbers information will ensure you can identify products throughout the supply chain and recall products and identify counterfeit products fast.

No alignment of logistics processes

Knowing, storing, picking, packing, and delivering what you have in inventory in the fastest possible way is challenging. It requires a strict alignment of inbound, internal, and outbound logistic processes.

No integration with eCommerce

Providing an efficient connection with e-commerce platforms and having an up-to-date inventory status will result in being able to sell a product or not.

Disjointed system and manual processes

With data in multiple locations, paper forms are consuming your employees' time and are prone to errors. An accurate warehouse operation is impossible.

Limited visibility into the supply chain

No visibility means you cannot make timely purchasing and replenishing inventory decisions to reduce out-of-stocks while simultaneously reducing inventory.

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Secure your growth with Boyum solutions for the supply chain of Wholesale and Distribution companies. Gain insight into your business and beat your competition with a wide range software and tools that are built to support what is more important in this industry.


Simplify Your Inventory Management

Real-time inventory data ensures accurate order fulfillment.

Identify the fast-moving inventory so you can keep it located closest to your packing stations, reducing fill times on those small or standard orders.

The business can analyze the data to schedule raw materials or goods optimally, eliminate stock-out situations and excessive inventory.


Quality, Visibility, and Traceability

Boyum solutions assign a unique individual product identification to protect the supply chain against falsification or defections, unsafe or counterfeit products. It also ensures product and consumer safety.

A standardized warehouse management system registers all inbound, internal, and outbound logistics movements of products, thus ensuring full traceability.


Optimizing logistic processes

Boyum Solutions provides full GS1 support to quickly identify products and logistic units throughout your inbound, internal, and outbound logistics processes.

Unambiguous identification of logistic units and products is an absolute necessity in a wholesale or distribution company's operation. Applying GS1 standards and using data carrier technologies such as 1 or 2-dimensional barcodes like GS1-128, Data Matrix, QR codes, or EPC (electronic product codification - commonly known as RFID) ensure this.

Integration with e-commerce

Integrating wholesale eCommerce with an ERP system and an inventory management solution provides the ability to synchronize information between systems and enables them to talk to each other.

Data integration and synchronization will enable wholesale businesses to streamline day-to-day operations by eradicating repetitive bi-directional data entry. 

Streamlining manual administration tasks that surround back-office activities not only improves speed and data accuracy.

Efficiencies thanks to the use of integrated software

Complete and seamless integration between your WMS system and your ERP system can provide valuable information. Your leadership team has the information they need to make effective decisions and ease the data processing task.

All data is stored in a single location, and the various programs are unified. With full integration, you effectively have a unified system that covers all your bases, cross-linked for visibility and control, giving you the benefit of streamlined, transparent, end-to-end business processes.

And you are able to feed the rest of the business with the single source of truth they need to make reliable, fact-based decisions and create value.



Visibility in the supply chain

Wholesales have growing importance worldwide as they enable fast pace and varied services to companies from all sectors to encourage them to reduce costs, focus on their core differentiating activities, and achieve higher performance levels. 


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"Produmex WMS is leaps and bounds better in terms of our inventory management and potential for further customization than our previous WMS software."

Aran Bingham, Warehouse/Logistics Manager, Hitfar Concepts Ltd

For Wholesale and Distribution, Produmex WMS offers detailed stock management, and an accurate recording of all inbound, internal, and outbound transactions including conditioned storage, thus ensuring full traceability and a fast order-to-cash cycle.

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Produmex Scan is a robust and reliable barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions. The solution supports multiple warehouse operators, processing high volumes of transactions while maintaining high performance 

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B1 Usability Package provides numerous easy-to-use tools to completely redesign the interface & workflows of SAP Business One to fit your business and your way of working.


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