Accurate costing and integrated systems for process optimization in Aerospace and Defense companies

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Aerospace companies rely on Boyum solutions for better and accurate manufacturing and logistics, aligning with supply chain partners, improve their capacity planning, and get real-time insights into their supply chain. Here are some of the most common challenges we see in the Aerospace and Defense Industry:


Accurate product costing is cumbersome and time-consuming

Quotation accuracy is critical to your profitability. Inaccurate product cost can occur when manual processes or external systems are involved in calculating it.

Productivity improvements thanks to the optimization of resources

Bill of material complexity and multi-constraint production resources such as machines, tools, and labor skills, can be challenging when needing to provide accurate delivery.

Integrated system and manual processes

With data in multiple locations, paper forms are consuming your employees’ time and are prone to errors. An accurate warehouse operation is impossible. 

Accurate inventory management

For high-tech companies such as aerospace, it is necessary to keep track of inventory throughout all stages of the logistics chain (inbound, internal, and outbound). Only in this way will they be able to ensure product safety and effectiveness.

Complying with industry quality standards is a critical business process

Companies in a highly regulated industry like aerospace need to guarantee that they are operating according to the highest and most stringent industry quality standards. This requires documented evidence integrated with ERP, manufacturing, and logistics systems.

Serialization and product traceability

The need to deliver trusted products requires Aerospace companies to manage traceability at various levels. Batch and serialized item management are vital to ensure full backward and forward traceability and act immediately if a product has to be recalled.

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Secure your growth with Boyum solutions for supply chain processes. Gain insight into your business and beat your competition with a wide range of solution and tools that are built to support your industry's most critical challenges.


Faster and more efficient product quoting

With Boyum products, you can quickly calculate an accurate product cost, selling price, and margin calculation for ease of quoting.

Compare your planned, and actual production and purchase costs and better calculate your margin and profitability and support decision-making.

To complete the picture, we can integrate 3rd party solutions using a built-in tool to make the process flow much more seamlessly.


Optimize Your Resources

Your company’s resources need to be optimized to maximize production output and your logistics performance, reduce changeover and setups. To deal with the increasing demand, your company must collect shop floor information in real-time and deliver according to your customers' requirements.

With Boyum Solutions, you can calculate capacity planning and initial delivery dates via finite backward scheduling.

Combined with Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality, you can schedule both material availability and capacity together to calculate the capable to promise delivery date.

Efficiencies thanks to the use of integrated software

Complete and seamless integration between your Manufacturing, WMS, and your ERP system will provide valuable information and competitive advantage. Your leadership team has the information they need to make effective decisions and ease the data processing task.

All data is stored in a single location, and the various software solutions are integrated.

With full integration, you effectively have a unified system that covers all your entire business operations for visibility and control. It is giving you the benefit of streamlined, transparent, end-to-end business processes.

And you’re able to feed the rest of the business with the single source of truth they need to make reliable, fact-based decisions and create value.


The need for a real-time and accurate view on inventory

For an Aerospace company, real-time inventory information is critical to support the production order planning and the forecasting of purchase items. This is especially true when having long-lead-time components with some of your suppliers.

Boyum’s supply and demand management balances your inventory and ensures the right components and quantities are in the warehouse at the right time.

That means reducing inventory obsolescence related to product changes, which positively impact your financial bottom line.

Achieve Industry Quality Standards

Today, many enterprises are still operating manual paper-based quality and traceability control systems. Running an offline quality and traceability system means that you waste precious time and resources whenever you must perform a customer audit or maintain preferred supplier status.

Quality control allows enterprises to define what, when and how products are tested, providing a full audit and electronic documentation trail of the quality control procedures and processes.

Reduce the amount of man effort required to meet the  industry’s time limit to provide full traceability records. With full backward and forward (end to end) traceability, Boyum Solution delivers quality information and data with a simple click. 




Serialization and batch traceability

Boyum solutions assign a unique individual product identification based on batch and serial numbers to protect your supply chain against falsification or defective products. It also ensures product and customer safety.

A standardized warehouse management system registers all inbound, internal, and outbound logistics movements of products, thus ensuring full traceability.



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"For our growth, it is essential to have a technological partner that allows us to scale, grow and expand markets. With Beas Manufacturing and SAP Business One, we have achieved this goal, essential for our expansion"

Santos Esteban Lázaro, IT Manager, ACATEC

Beas Manufacturing Basic: Beas Manufacturing is offering functionality from the planning phase through to control, implementation, and fulfillment, Beas Manufacturing ensures efficiency and flexibility.

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Beas Manufacturing APS: Enhances the Beas Basic capacity planning by incorporating features for finite capacity planning, with powerful functions for forward and backward production scheduling, linking production scheduling to materials availability and much more!
Learn more about Beas Manufacturing APS.

Beas APS Ganntt Viewer: Graphical visualization of the APS scheduling on a Gantt chart, with features for displaying schedule per work orders or per resources, viewing resources’ workload, and manually adjusting the work orders’ scheduling on a timeline.

Beas Maintenance of Resources (Machines, Tools) and shipped Components / Equipment: Fully integrated maintenance solution that includes features for internal and external maintenance scenarios, maintenance plans for preventive (calendar-based) and predictive (productivity-based) maintenance, corrective maintenance, and more. Learn more about Beas Manufacturing Maintenance.

Beas Project Management: Powerful module for project-based manufacturing, including the creation of multi-level projects with time tracking possibility, the definition of expenses budgets for projects, creation of activities, sales and purchase transactions directly from the project, triggering work orders and Product Configurator from the project, defining milestones, and calculating actual projects’ costs.

B1 Usability Package provides numerous easy-to-use tools to completely redesign the interface & workflows of SAP Business One to fit your business and your way of working.




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Produmex WMS supports state-of-the-art RF terminal technology, making you 10x faster than trying to process transactions manually. It provides full forward and backward traceability of materials and components. It is batch number and serial number based, tracking their quality status from goods receipt throughout internal logistics till delivery of the finished product.

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Produmex Scan is a robust and reliable barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions.The solution supports multiple warehouse operators, processing high volumes of transactions while maintaining high performance.



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