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With such a large set of logistics needs, companies rely on Boyum's 3pl software solutions to provide them with the support they need. Our 3pl system is designed to accurately receive inventory from vendors and track shipments in real time before providing an invoice for services rendered.

Here are some of the most common challenges we see in 3rd Party Logistics companies.

Limited inventory visibility

3PL companies must have complete visibility of the inbound, internal, and outbound movements of goods and their location for each of their customers. But for many, the level of stock visibility means inventory management is not easy.

Serialization and product traceability

3PL companies need to know where every unit is and from goods receipt to the point of delivery or dispensing (e.g., a pharmacy). Therefore, recall of any unit(s) is required selectively. Poor traceability can impact efficiency and dramatically increase data entry and administration costs.

Delayed deliveries and increased returns

Customers demand a high level of delivery service at lower prices, making the last mile activity not only a challenge while meeting the clients' requirements but also in managing the profitability of the operation.

Process Integration between 3PL companies & customers

3PL companies must ensure that the data processed daily flows through without any flaws. It requires them to create protected, comprehensive, and transparent connections throughout the supply and fulfillment chains.

No communication integration

Unambiguous identification of logistic units and products is an absolute necessity in a 3PL company's operation. Applying GS1 standards and using data carrier technologies such as 1 or 2-dimensional barcodes like GS1-128, Data Matrix, QR codes, or EPC (electronic product codification - commonly known as RFID) ensure this.

No Clear KPI reporting and correct services invoicing

3PL companies do not own the stock they manage. They manage it throughout the logistics chain that their customers have assigned to them. At all times, they should be able to report to their customers on actual stock levels and (if applicable) their batch and serial numbers and expiry dates.

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Optimize Your Inventory Management

Knowing when a product needs to be moved or consumed is an ongoing concern for every manufacturer or distributor of perishable products.

The Boyum solutions promote intelligent procurement practices based on real-time demand and turnover rates. This drives long-term cost savings and mitigates risks associated with parts overages and shortages. 


Serialization and product traceability

Boyum solutions assign a unique individual product identification to protect their supply chain against falsification or counterfeit products. It also ensures product and consumer safety.

A standardized 3pl warehouse management software registers all inbound, internal, and outbound logistics movements of products, ensuring full traceability



Process Integration between 3PL companies & customers

Integration of logistics and administrative ERP functions between customers and their 3PL services provider companies is crucial for a successful collaboration. 

This integration includes inbound, internal, and outbound logistics, order-to-cash integration (invoicing and follow-up of payments), and product knowledge at the 3PL's customer service.


Speed and accuray of delivery

The customers of 3PL companies rely on their products' speedy and accurate delivery to their end customers.

Same Day / Next Day deliveries during agreed time slots are essential in achieving committed customer service level contracts.

This requires optimum fleet management and dispatching planning.



Efficiencies thanks to the use of integrated software

Quality management and registration functionality of Boyum Solutions allow changing and documenting the quality status of products: quarantined, released, blocked, rejected, and more.

Combined serial and batch number management to ensure product authenticity, consumer safety, counterfeit prevention, and full backward and forward traceability.


Transparent KPI reporting and correct services invoicing

3PL companies have growing importance worldwide as they enable fast pace and varied services to companies from all sectors to encourage them to reduce costs, focus on their core differentiating activities, and achieve higher performance levels. 

3PL KPIs are necessary to measure the performance of all areas set by the two partners.

A transparent reporting on KPI's between 3PL companies and their customers is the basis for correct logistic services invoicing, a 3PL's company reason for existence and viability.


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"We have been using SAP Business One and PDMX WMS since 2008 to manage and optimize our logistic services to our life sciences and healthcare customers. Both systems have successfully evolved along with our needs"

Dennis Willemyns, IT Manager, Movianto Belgium & The Netherlands


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