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Do you spend hours each day sending emails and reports to your employees, customers, suppliers?

B1 Print & Delivery understands where you're coming from and is dedicated to making your communication less stressful and as automated as possible. We use sophisticated technologies that eliminate the need for sending manual emails, printing reports, booking meetings, and more. Employees are happy because they're able to automate most of their work, which improves their productivity. 

Competitive Advantage For Your Business 

B1 Print & Delivery offers a competitive advantage for your business by automating administrative and accounting functions. These enhancements will have positive impacts on employees, productivity, and an increase in the effectiveness of email communications and the overall performance of your business. 


Improve Customer Retention 

Customer retention is a crucial part of any business, and you can improve it with automated communication. Sending emails using B1 will provide your customers with additional value, which will make them think that you care about their interests. 

No More Debtors 

One of the most challenging aspects of any business is collecting payment. Save time and stop chasing customers for money with automated dunning emails or letters from SAP Business One dunning wizard, which will increase your cash flow. 

Streamline Financial Processes 

The integration of?B1 iPayment?simplifies the process of billing and payments. B1 Print and Delivery generate automated emails for invoices with attached PDFs that include embedded links for online payments, so your customers will never miss a payment. 

Communicate Effectively 

Printing documents is only the beginning. You can enhance communication by sharing information through modern collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. The B1 Print & Delivery application provides various options to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers today and in the future. 

Transparency And Clarity 

The B1 Print & Delivery solution will enable you to create a culture of transparency and clarity throughout your organization. Your employees will be able to check customer details and business document information before printing, eliminating the chances of human error.? 

Information Is Power 

Keep your team up to date with business objectives, news, and essential communication through our out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack. And that's not all - connect to any application that allows HTTP calls by writing custom JSON code. 

Keep Safe With Digital Signature 

A digital signature is a security feature that allows you to electronically sign documents, ensuring that they have not been altered in any way. With B1 Print & Delivery for SAP Business One, you can safeguard critical information with ABCpdf by creating digitally signed PDFs. 

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Make It Personal 

Companies and individuals are often looking for ways to engage with their customers and suppliers. One way is by providing them personalized content in a language and format that suits them. 

Full Document Coverage 

The B1 Print and Delivery template library contains more than 40 layouts for the most popular documents, including Sales, Purchase, Finance, Opportunities, Production, and more. You can also map any additional SAP templates to cover even the most unusual scenarios. 

Crystal Report Integration 

B1 Print and Delivery offers a way to send high-quality PDF reports automatically. You can now generate and share SAP Crystal Reports in one click and save them in various file formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, HTML, XML, and more! 

Mastering Email 

Enrich your emails with keywords, grouping rules, additional attachments, multiple recipients, and multi-language support using Microsoft Exchange, SMTP, or directly through Microsoft Outlook. 

Automate The Communication Flow 

Get rid of manual tasks by firing multiple B1P&D actions at once. The program will carry out a series of actions in order, without any help from you. Ensure that SAP Business One updates the customer database and emails them a notification when all documents are ready for review. 

Multiple Actions at Once 

Are you still relying on manual processes? Then it's time to get more results quickly by automating your communication process. If you have never automated anything before, then don't worry because we'll help you do so quickly and safely through the program. SAP Business One automatically handles any communication you need with your reports. You can publish, print or preview, or do all of them with anything completed in SAP Business One without ever seeing the user interface again. 

And Go Beyond 

Combining the B1 Print & Delivery actions with the macro functionality of the B1 Usability Package, SAP Business One can be automated like never before. 

Did Someone Say 'Hard Copies'? 

Printing documents is still a reality for people, so it is essential to do it as efficiently as possible. Set the parameters for each layout, and you will not have to worry about any of the printing processes again. B2 Print & Design takes care of everything, from the quantity to selecting printers in remote locations. 

Improve Productivity And Effectiveness 

Communication takes a big part of your employees' day, especially if they're in sales or supporting clients. Streamline it with a single solution for both internal and external communication, all managed from the backend of your SAP Business One application. Reduce printing costs by setting up rules on when and where to print! 

No More Manual Emails 

Employees can forget to print or sometimes even send reports, leading to extra work on your end. The solution also reduces paper usage, which is excellent for the environment and conserves valuable resources. 

Business-Proven Logic 

B1 Print & Delivery has the same sort of logic as the B1 Usability Package Validation System. Monitor when users take specific actions and how your system responds to them to meet any challenges you might face with communication. 

Be on Time 

Deliver the right information at the right time with B1P&D's scheduler. Save time and money by making sure all communication with your customers follows the schedule! 

B1 Print & Delivery uses new and advanced communication tools with features designed to cover diverse needs and business requirements.

  Function ­SAP Business One B1 Print & Delivery
  Mass delivery  —  ­+
  Automatic e-mailing based on a scheduler ­— ­+
  Automatic report selection per BP, BP group, UDF's or proporties ­+
  Set up multiple actions (print, e-mail, create activity depending on a condition) ­— ­+
  Set up print and e-mail logc with conditions ­— ­+
  Automatically post to Microsoft Teams, Slack, .. ­+
  Add additional attachments to your e-mail automatically ­— ­+
  Groups e-mails automatically ­+





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