Save time by consolidating your SAP Business One customer interactions in one place - Outlook - and in real time.


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Do you spend too much time searching for information about customers and prospects?

Do you have to switch between multiple applications to send emails, track activity, schedule meetings, or keep an eye on opportunities? If so, then it's time to try CRM for Outlook. It will help your organization find and nurture quality connections with customers and prospects while mitigating risks associated with multi-threaded communication in real time. Save time by consolidating your customer interactions in one place. You don't need to learn new ways of working or change tools and processes to make your employees more productive at work.

Save time by adding with CRM email integration 

CRM for Outlook is a real-time Customer Relationship Management system that brings together all your customer interactions in one place. By adding crm plugin for outlook, you can interact with customers and prospects faster, more effectively, and easier than any other way of working. 

You will feel the difference immediately! 

Close more deals in less time 

Increase your sales productivity by providing high-quality service to your customers. Staying on top of your sales efforts has never been easier. With CRM for outlook integration, you will easily find and nurture quality connections with customers and prospects. Stay on top of interactions in real-time, so you can follow up faster and close more deals in less time. 

Manage your activities 

Follow up on sales opportunities, never letting your leads get cold; schedule demos and meetings; ensure you receive responses to your sales initiations and even automatically attach documents to your activity when receiving mail from your customers. CRM for Outlook allows you to manage your activities related to specific prospects. 

Improve your CRM Capabilities  

CRM software integration makes your leads and customers happier by improving your CRM capabilities. It will streamline communications with customers and prospects through a single user interface so that you can deal more effectively with all of your tasks. Your sales team can manage and see all relevant documents for their customers in Outlook. 

Mailchimp & Google Maps Integration 

CRM for Outlook allows you to add the emails of your leads and customers to Microsoft Outlook and connect it with the Mailchimp email marketing tool and easily lookup your contacts addresses in Google Maps. 

Make better decisions 

Today's business decisions are no longer made by looking at spreadsheets and reporting tools and what your sales team learns from email conversations with customers. CRM for Outlook is helping you make better decisions because you have all the relevant information in one place. See the most important indicators of sales activity, so you can analyze — and act on — what matters most in real-time. 

KPI's and Charts 

Keep track of your progress with out-of-the-box sales widgets that give you an instant overview of your essential business information and customer interaction history. What's more, deliver improved KPIs using built-in charts that allow you to quickly analyze the data and make better decisions about managing your sales efforts. 

Email tracking 

Ensure important emails are linked to SAP Business One records for your team to access all communications' history easily. Now you can give your customers all the attention they deserve and convert them to paying clients. 

SAP context-sensitive tab & MyDATA tab 

With CRM for Outlook, you pick and choose the functionality that suits each user's requirements. You can create custom views that highlight high-priority items by accessing all relevant information about your contacts in one place. Quickly manage your activities, documents & reports from your MyDATA tab. 

Learn everything there is to know about CRM for Outlook!

Connect with your customer 

Keep all your important messages from different email folders organized in one place with CRM for Outlook. This makes it easier for you to reach customers when they need it most, which helps ensure a higher-quality prospect experience. 

Make calls 

CRM for Outlook enables you to contact customers from CRM for Outlook by using the Skype application on your desktop, making it easy for you to keep track of customer activities and communicate efficiently. 

Calendar Synchronization 

SAP Business One activities and Outlook calendar entries are always in sync. With CRM for Outlook, you can create, update and sync your meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook. Schedule appointments or recurring events more efficiently than ever before while keeping everyone in the loop with whether they use Outlook or only SAP Business One. 

Deliver personalized service 

When connecting CRM for Outlook with SAP Business One, you can develop a more trusting relationship with your customers by providing them with the most up-to-date data available about their interactions.   

Work much faster and more productive 

CRM for Outlook is a powerful yet easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management tool that will help you boost productivity across the whole organization. Rather than a traditional CRM system where you must learn a new way of working and change how you work, CRM for Outlook is all built into your existing communication methods. 

Create SAP Business One documents 

Add or update sales documents, activities, service calls, and business partners' records with Microsoft Outlook; view purchase documents and invoices. CRM for Outlook allows you to easily manage all of your company's and prospects' documents without having to switch applications. 

To-do list 

Work proactively by always knowing what to do next. Use the simple CRM for Outlook integration to manage your workflow and take action on the most critical tasks first. The to-do list also allows you to assign and track tasks and easily see what tasks passed their due dates. 

Work on the go 

With CRM for Outlook, you can stay in touch wherever you are. Access all activity from a single screen without having to change apps or workflows. That means you spend less time working and more on the things that matter. 

Boyum products allows our staff to put in place solutions that assisted all users and get them the information they need, when and where they need it.

John Swalwell, CTO, PERRY proTECH, Office Supplies

With CRM for Outlook add-on from Boyum IT, you get an extremely user-friendly add-on, and all processes in the Customer Relationship Management are easily and quickly displayed

Benny Brand, Consultant, COMP.net GmbH


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