With Boyum, plastic manufacturers are optimizing their high quality production and logistic management.

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Plastic manufacturing companies rely on Boyum solutions to increase production efficiency, optimize logistic operations, manage complex formulations with co-products and wastage and more. At the same time, ensure product quality and comply with industry regulatory standards is key. Here are some of the most common challenges we see in the Plastic Industry:

Need to ensure the highest product quality

Plastics are developed to contain other products and therefore can impact these products as well. So the plastics themselves have to meet the highest quality standards. This is especially true for primary plastics that come into contact with end-user consumables (like food, pharmaceuticals, …). The quality control process to ensure and document this is completely integrated in Boyum’s logistics and production solutions.

Complying with industry quality standards is a business-critical process

Plastics standards are instrumental in specifying, testing, and assessing the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of a wide variety of materials and products made of plastic and its polymeric derivatives. Compliance with these plastic standards allows plastic manufacturers and end-users to examine and evaluate their material or product of concern to ensure quality and acceptability towards safe utilization.

Must ensure consistent product traceability 

Boyum solutions help companies in the plastics industry comply with regulatory requirements, such as batch traceability. This is based on the use of industry standards such as GS1, which enable the unique identification of logistic units and products (with their comprehensive information such as batch number, batch attributes, …). In this way, companies can act swiftly in case any intervention is required.

Limited integration of  logistics and production operations

Plastics companies have to ensure an optimum flow of products and the associated information throughout their operations. This runs from the receipt and storage of raw materials and components to production, receipt back into the finished products warehouse, and shipping. Boyum solutions can manage this entire cycle.

Complex BOM’s with co-products and wastage is challenging to manage

Formulas are not only complicated, but they also don't leave much room for error. A minor change in quantity for one ingredient can lead to quality management issues or compromise an entire batch.

Productivity losses due to limited optimization of resources

Your ability to provide an accurate delivery date is a challenging task. Especially when dealing with complex formulations and multi-constraint resources combined with large numbers of short-run orders

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Product Traceability

Boyum solutions allow the tracking of batches during and after the production process. 

A standardized warehouse management system registers all inbound, internal, and outbound logistics movements of products, thus ensuring full traceability


Optimize Your Production Resources

Boyum capacity planning enables you to maximize production output and reduce changeover and cleanups, to meet this increasing demand. 

Calculate initial delivery dates via finite forward scheduling. Combined with Boyum Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality, you can schedule both materials availability and capacity together to calculate a viable delivery date.

Installing production data terminals or direct connection to machine data will provide a closed-loop system.


Comprehensive formulation with co-products and wastage

Boyum products allow companies to define processes to include waste, scrap, and by-products. So when you execute planning runs, the resulting production plans will identify the number of by-products or waste generated from each plan.

With Boyum's revision management, you can effectively manage several active BOM's at the same time. With change impact analysis across the enterprise from forecasting to MRP, purchasing to production, and inventory to the sales order, you can manage the entire life cycle to ensure the correct products are available to meet customer demand.


Optimize Your Inventory Management and logistics operations

Boyum products keep your inventory balanced to ensure the right components and quantities are in the warehouse 

This prevents stock-outs and allows you to seamlessly align your processes in the warehouse with those in production

You can analyze your company's demand for your finished products and manage them through purchasing and sales forecasts. 

Never lose sight of the quality of your products

Today, many enterprises are still operating manual paper-based quality control systems. Running an offline quality system means that you waste precious time and resources whenever you must perform a customer audit or maintain preferred supplier status.

Quality control allows enterprises to define what, when and how products are tested, providing a full audit and electronic documentation trail of the quality control procedures and processes.

Boyum solutions control and integrate quality information at every step of the internal supply chain. The relevant quality parameters can be registered from goods receipt, storage, an issue for production, receipt from production, and shipping.The quality record that is created in this way, in combination with unique product identification, batch information, etc., is a guarantee for swift action if required. With full backward and forward (end to end) traceability. Thus, providing quality information and data in a simple click. 

Ensure product traceability through GS1-based identification standards

Provide full GS1 support to quickly identify products and logistic units throughout your inbound, internal, and outbound logistics processes.

Provides a consistent, end-to-end traceability record so that in the event of a safety issue, such as a recall, you can take swift, precise action. Capture extended products information, including batch numbers, batch attributes, etc.,. 




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"With Beas Manufacturing and SAP Business One, I now have a wide range of possibilities in terms of reporting, dashboards as well as process management and optimizationased identification standards"

Lars Engert, Chief Information Officer, Trecolan GmbH

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Beas Manufacturing is offering functionality from the planning phase through to control, implementation, and fulfillment, Beas Manufacturing ensures efficiency and flexibility.

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Produmex WMS provides full forward and backward traceability of materials and components, batch number based, tracking their quality status from goods receipt throughout internal logistics and production till delivery of the finished product.

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Beas Manufacturing APS: 
Enhances the Beas Basic capacity planning by incorporating features for finite capacity planning, with powerful functions for forward and backward production scheduling, linking production scheduling to materials availability and much more!

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