Build helps the product development and production departments to manage requirements and specifications for new products, plan and keep track of progress of relevant development tasks, and add  finished products into your ERP system.

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Requests for products are often handled manually outside the ERP solution, leading to no real-time overviewinput errors and delays.

Adding products to an ERP system is often seen as the greatest hurdle in the product development process; getting a product ready for production can be a complicated, manual task.

Communication between departments is essential to ensure the right materials and production methods are used, but this process is often managed manually, leading to mistakes and lost production time.

Aimed primarily at Production & Product Development, Build removes this issue by providing a clear framework for each department, guiding them through each step in the process, and  ensuring that products are added to the system efficiently and correctly.


What does your product development process look like when using Build?

Plan what needs to be done for a new or changing product

Using a clear framework, each department is guided through the tasks that they're responsible for, ensuring that products are added to the system accurately and efficiently.

Build a Bill of Materials and Operation plan

Add or update new production items more quickly, including the management of the operation plan, ensuring that the right materials and production methods are used.

Calculate product costs and determine sales prices

Determine material and labor costs based on the product structure, calculate manufacturing and sales costs and transfer the sales price to your ERP price list.

Approve and release complete and correct products

The integration of other stakeholders in the process, from sales or production, and access to real-time data allows product updates to be tracked and any issues to be resolved swiftly.


Planning board

Track and plan product development in real time, so you never lose track of what needs to be done.

BoM management

Import, copy or build a Bill of Materials from pre-existing assets, or completly from scratch.  

Operation planning

Mock-up operation plans using a fast, fluid interface before you send the item to your ERP. 


Keep track of production items currently in development, plan requests and track progress.

Manage attachments such as specifications or drawings, as well as product request tasks.

Track completion date and see the current status of each product request.

Determine material and labor costs based on the product structure, calculate manufacturing and sales costs and transfer the sales price to your ERP pricelist

Use an Excel template to import a Bill of Materials from your CAD or PDM solutions.

Manage new, imported Bill of Materials, add materials or items from other products or create product requests for individual items.

Lay out operation plans in a fast and fluid way; drag and drop operations, resources and materials into your plan based on an imported Bill of Materials. Get an overview of the entire product structure with the item structure list.

Create and edit required items, resources and operations so they can be used in the operation plan.

Define your own templates to simplify the creation of new articles and avoid errors in parameter selection.

Track completed product requests for individual products to review changes.


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