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Boyum Horizontal Solutions are the missing features that will make your SAP Business One work just like you want it to. We have what you need, from simple things like an easy way to create new customers and vendors all the way up to advanced business automation solutions for complex processes!

We provide horizontal solutions for businesses of any size or industry. We've worked with some of the biggest companies globally and small local shops that needed something extra out of their ERP system. 


With our solutions, you can: 

  • Reduce development costs by using our SDK for advanced integration without having to hire expensive consultants 
  • Improve your business performance across the board with intelligent automation that will save your team hours of redundant work
  • Increase revenue by allowing easy transactions and electronic payments 
  • Implement scalable and reliable business processes And much more 

The above are just a few ways of how we have helped businesses worldwide overcome their challenges. It is simply by using solutions that allow them to customize SAP Business One precisely tailored to their requirements to create business process automation and quick ROI. The sky is the limit when it comes to the improvement of your business with our solutions. 

Boyum Horizontal Solutions are a set of independent add-ons to SAP Business One. It makes it easier than ever before to get more done with less effort. And best of all, we offer a free trial, so you can see how our products work for your business before making a purchase decision.

Start using our software today! 

B1 Usability Package

An award-winning solution and the most comprehensive customization tool for SAP Business One. Allows you to bypass most of the custom development requirements. 

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B1 iPayment

Makes it easy to accept electronic payments in SAP Business One and integrated with the best-known and most reliable payment gateways worldwide. 

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B1 InterCompany

Effortlessly synchronizing crucial data from headquarters to subsidiaries and automating workflows for global success with B1 InterCompany.  

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B1 Print and Delivery

Enables your company to scale communication through true automation while still preserving the personal touch required to connect with your audience.  

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CRM for Outlook

Makes it easy to perform SAP Business One tasks and work from Outlook, enabling employees to respond swiftly and accurately to leads, customers, and suppliers.  

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Product Information Management 

Perfion PIM integrates smoothly into your current IT landscape, unifying all your data sources. This means everyone in your organization always has access to the most recent product data. By consolidating your product information into one place, the latest data is synchronized across all your channels.

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With our horizontal solutions for SAP Business One, you are just a step away from making your company more profitable using advanced tools.

You can download a free trial that will allow you to see for yourself just how simple it is to benefit from our add-ons. And get even closer to your customers by implementing intelligent automation into your business processes. 

“Employee efficiency increased by 70% and accuracy is now over 95%”

Guo Hong, General Manager, Qingdao Fugang Industry And Trade 

”Boyum allows our customers even deeper SAP Business One customization. We’ve seen dramatic efficiency improvements in work routines and configuring tasks to meet exact business requirements”

Ajay Audich Vision33 SAP Consultant


“Boyum products allows our staff to put in place solutions that assisted all users and get them the information they need, when and where they need it” 

John Swalwell, CTO, PERRY proTECH

Find the solution that fits your business needs!

At Boyum IT, we understand and appreciate that choosing the right business solution and technology partner is key to your future success. We currently work with over 620 partners worldwide and provide global support from more than 9 locations. 

Our partners have access to our Boyum Solutions specialists for any questions about project quality assurance and functional support. Ensuring that you, the customer get the best service. 

We provide our partners and customers with on-site training workshops, eLearning courses, and implementation tools founded in over 20 years of experience. 


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