Boyum IT recognizes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities have become an increasingly vital part of responsible investing and we believe in the mutually beneficial partnership between business and society.

Our ESG activities are governed through several documents and processes, including our Business Ethics and Code of Conduct, our IT Security Policy and Employee Handbook, as well as in the everyday management of the company.

We see our activities around ESG, as a continued journey where we can strengthen our contributions and improve our efforts, as well as strengthen our internal ESG management by creating an even stronger link between strategy, objectives and activities ultimately ensuring our continued sustainability in the future.



As our nature as a software company without any production, Boyum IT does not have any big environmental impact, which is why our environmental initiatives are reflected primarily in our local offices and our internal processes and standard operating procedures. 

Environmental awareness and individual responsibility will be developed amongst employees at all levels and we constantly work in keeping energy consumption as low as possible in our local offices when operating IT systems, and as part of our procedures, we continuously monitor and update our daily operations to utilize modern power-saving infrastructures both in terms of overall energy consumption and sources of energy.

Boyum IT recognizes that its employees are our greatest asset and the energy and enthusiasm that employees bring into the work-place are key drivers to our success.By investing in safety, training and employee development plans, we support our employees and promote a culture of respect and inclusion in varios ways.

In Boyum IT we are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for everyone who is involved in our activities.  Health and safety include mental wellbeing, safety when working on site in any of our offices, physical working environment and accident prevention. Boyum IT is committed to diversifying our team and investing in initiatives that support equal opportunities to all employees without regard to gender, sex or religion. We expect all employees to follow the practices outlined in our Business Ethics and Code of Conduct. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.  

Good governance is a fundamental principle for Boyum IT and we strive to maintain high standard of ethical conduct, reporting with accuracy and transparency and maintaining compliance with laws, regulations and rules that concern our businesses. 

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