Synchronize intercompany data

Effortlessly synchronizing crucial data from headquarters to subsidiaries and automating workflows for global success with B1 InterCompany.


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What can B1 InterCompany do for you?


With B1 InterCompany, you can effortlessly synchronize essential data, ensuring consistency and accuracy. 

Spend less time on data entry and more on growth and innovation. Our solution maps critical elements, such as Item Groups, Price Lists, Business Partner Groups, Payment Terms, Payment Methods and more, from a headquarters database to subsidiaries. Manual workflows to sync data are eliminated through automation, simplifying processes and minimizing errors.

B1 InterCompany for SAP Business One will save time and minimize wrong data and restatements of documents, making life easier for operations managers.


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Key benefits for your business


  • Centralized data management, with a unified view of intercompany transactions, inventory levels and finances.


  • Various intercompany workflows automated to reduce manual efforts and improve data accuracy.


  • Better visibility and control over your intercompany operations, with real-time tracking and monitoring.


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With operations spanning across multiple locations and associated companies specializing in various aspects of the business, the goal is to provide a comprehensive tool for managing internal transactions, maintaining consistent master data, and establishing a centralized


database within SAP Business One. B1 InterCompany addresses the need to streamline operations and data management across growing organization, ensuring efficiency and scalability. 

Connect your headquarters and subsidiaries with B1 InterCompany

Empower your enterprise: get access to data across all subsidiaries and elevate your business to new heights.


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