When you need a little extra help, our professional Enablement Team is available on an hourly basis to help you achieve success in a busy workday.

We have recognized that partners sometimes need assistance with more advanced requests and we receive mails/calls that can take several hours to deal with and this is not usually within the scope of our reseller agreement.
That's why we have Premium Service

Our Premium Service enables our partners to get additional help from our team of experts and thereby continue to derive greater benefit from our solutions!

To purchase Premium Services, go to the portal.

During the first hour we will estimate the time needed to perform the required task,  - on a case by case basis. After that we will charge you on an hourly basis.

Examples on Premium Service Help:

  •     Remote Support Sessions
  •     Advanced LineLoop
  •     Complex Queries
  •     Scenarios where we make a complete feature setup for you
  •     Help with non supported SAP and products versions
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