Consumer industries

Food and Beverage

Make your Food and Beverage business more sustainable - from order management, inventory control, manufacturing and quality and traceability and beyond.

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Wholesale and Distribution

Monitor your business in real-time, if from multiple locations or warehouses. Quickly adapt to new regulations while maintaining a high level of transparency and efficiency.

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Discrete industries

Aerospace and defense

Achieve Greater control of your logistics, inventory, traceability, and production processes in a single platform. Gain real-time information for better decision making.

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Industrial Machinery

Operate more effectively, while fulfilling customer demands for immediacy and product innovation. Extending your business processes across trading partners and customers.

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Construction and Engineering

Simplify and automate your production process. Expend your business with EDI and e-Commerce integration including a wide range of picking and shipping methods as standard.

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Automotive businesses can optimize their logistic and production processes, manage quality control while automating their business managing real-time traceability data.

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Stay ahead of the competition with real-time visibility into every step of the supply chain processes. Manage traceability and improve your production efficiency.

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Metal Fabrication

Simplify your manufacturing processes with improved efficiency, while increasing profits. Optimize in-house and external production resources and reduce your excess inventory.

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High-Tech and Electronics

Achieve flexibility and adaptability and keep up with evolving demands and trends. Simplifying your supply chain process and improve efficiency, while increasing profits.

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Plastics Processing

Get metrics and analytics faster and more accurately. Optimize production costs, availability of materials and remain very competitive while reducing workload through process efficiency.

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Process industries


Control your production as it happens and improve your efficiency. Capture true costs at a batch level including all costs and reduce the time required to meet industry regulations.

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Life Sciences

Quickly adapt to new customer requirements and evolving legal regulations. Optimize your production processes, manage quality control while providing real-time traceability data.

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Service industries

3rd Party Logistics

Achieve a high level of flexibility across the warehouse and the rest of the business operations. With end-to-end traceability, serial and batch management, EDI and more.

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Professional Services

Scale your business and save your staff administrative time by utilizing easy to use tools and adaptable dashboards Get the information you need when you need it.

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