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Your product is more than just a product – it’s a vision to be experienced by your customers. Fulfilling this vision is a journey, from having a product idea to getting your product into the hands of your customers. We help you boost and connect your core processes, so you can focus on what truly matters: your why.

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Connect your product value chain

Creating value for your customers is a matter of connecting people, processes, and products. Go beyond automation and efficiency and focus on adding value to and across each step of your unique journey.

What is the Product Value Chain?

Your business. Your goals. Choose what suits you best.

Our solutions and expertise have been built for over 25 years and tailored to help SMEs deliver valuable products, from the early phases to the consumer’s door.

Manufacturing excellence is about more than producing quality goods. It is about your entire business. 

The more visibility on your logistics the better; our solutions support what is more important in this area.

Need detailed traceability on the production side and the logistics side in order comply with regulations? We got you.

We live by our promises. Check the real impact they can have on you too.

Don’t take our word for it. We let our customers’ results speak for us.

Get full visibility

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FlashCo’s product consistency and reliability increased with 100% visibility and 20% more productivity in their manufacturing.

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Save effort

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Advansa added value to their processes with automation and saved 25% of their team’s effort compared to when they were doing manual checks.

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Reduce paper

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RUD Australia could eliminate reliance on complicated spreadsheets and get their production to the next level, a completely paperless one thanks to automation. 

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Save time

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DEKA saw an increase of 25% in their customer satisfaction and the team become more confident with reduced order fulfillment time by 30%.  

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Success fact-check.

The stories of our customers’ daily lives.


“My advice to others, who consider upgrading their ERP system, is to get started with the PIM part as early as possible. The clear and easy way of working with data."

Anders Jensen

Digital & Marketing Manager, Damstahl a/s


"We are happy to use Produmex Scan. It is very stable, easy to use and supported our growth over the last 6 years."

Frank Seger

IT Manager, United Sports Brands


“We succeeded in automating the purchasing process, thus allowing employees to focus on their core tasks. Now they can concentrate on production planning.”

Christof Marx

Director of Supply Management, Bübchen