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Boyum Industrial Software provides Industrial Machinery & Component companies with the ability to transform their entire business. Now they can boost production speed while maintaining high-quality levels at an affordable cost. 

Here are some of the most common challenges we see in Industrial Machinery & Components companies.

Accurate product costing takes too much time

Product design created using CAD /PDM systems are disjoined from SAP, making it a challenge filled with manual processes for calculating the product cost and selling price.

Bill of materials are complex and difficult to manage product life-cycles / versions

Managing the procurement of many components against the demand created by incoming sales orders or customer forecasts can be a cumbersome feat.

Limited visibility and management of external supply chain partners

The coordination of the collaboration with supply chain partners can be challenging and time-consuming, creating a lack of visibility to  what occurs in your supply chain.

Unclear inventory overview caused by a large number of SKU’s

Managing large volumes of small or large components as they undergo fast and complex assemblies is a challenge. If you can't trust all the warehouse components or do not know where they are precisely located and their quality status. This is critical to support the planning process.      

Lack of production visibility decreases your ability to plan

Bill of material complexity and multi-constraint production resources such as machines, tools, and labor skills, can be challenging when needing to provide accurate delivery.     

Resource and material planning is hard to come by

Resource and materials planning is a critical requirement in this industry. A successful plan can make a real difference between on-time delivery a late one.

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Secure your growth with Boyum solutions for Metal Fabrication. Gain insight into your business and beat your competition with a wide range of solution and tools that are built to support your industry's most critical challenges.


Faster and more efficient product quoting

With Boyum steel estimating software, you can quickly calculate an accurate product cost, selling price, and margin calculation for ease of quoting.

Compare your planned, and actual production and purchase costs and better calculate your margin and profitability, and support decision-making.

To complete the picture, we can integrate 3rd party solutions using a built-in tool to make the process flow much more seamlessly.




Optimize Your Resources

Metal fabricators' resources need to be optimized to maximize production output, reduce changeover and setups. To deal with the increasing demand, metal fabricators must collect shop floor information in real time.

With Boyum solutions for steel fabrications, you can calculate capacity planning and initial delivery dates via finite backward scheduling.

Combined with Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality, you can schedule both material availability and capacity together to calculate the capable to promise delivery date.


Manage and coordinate external subcontractor

Subcontract manufacturing is supported as standard with Boyum solution for Metal Fabrication. You can define an external process within the product's BOM, either as buying a service (capacity) or buying an assembly (free inventory issue). 

When leveraging advanced planning and scheduling tools, you can balance supply and demand, reduce inventory holding levels, and improve external subcontractors' management and collaboration.
Boyum solutions for Fabrication will provide metal fabricators with increased visibility and supplier production forecasts.



Reduce your inventory obsolescence

For metal fabricators, real-time inventory, and bill of material accuracy, is critical to support the planning of production orders and the forecasting of purchase items. This is especially true when having long-lead-time components with some of your suppliers.

Boyum's supply and demand management balances your inventory and ensures the right components and quantities are in the warehouse at the right time.
That means reducing inventory obsolescence related to product changes, which positively impact your financial bottom line.

Achieve Industry Quality Standards

Today, many metal fabricators are still operating manual paper-based quality control systems. Running an offline quality system means that you waste precious time and resources whenever you must perform a customer audit or maintain preferred supplier status.

Quality control allows metal fabricators to define what, when and how products are tested, providing a full audit and electronic documentation trail of the quality control procedures and processes.


Real-Time Visibility to Your Business

You created your businesses to make money. Not having visibility of your performance at your fingertips does not allow for timely decision-making. Not knowing where to improve your business is limiting your ability to grow.

Boyum solutions for metal fabrication provides a wide array of functionality to keep track of every relevant aspect of your production planning.
Our solution allows you to quickly build dashboards and define KPIs that will deliver real-time information, putting you in front of your business, so you can quickly adapt and maintain your competitive advantage in the market.   




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"Thanks to SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing, we have been able to improve our overall business processes and keep a close eye on our production."

Markus Bogner, technical Management, Minikomp Bogner GmbH


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