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Chemical companies rely on Boyum software for process automation, quality control, database and inventory management, batch processing, quickly calculate product margins, and to get traceability in logistics and production. Here are some of the most common challenges we see in the Chemical Industry:


Calculating accurate product margins is time-consuming

The cost of every ingredient should be tracked based on the quantity used and its chemical characteristics. Wasted raw materials and ingredients cost also needs to be tracked as accurately as possible. Without all of these details, manufacturers cannot estimate their total actual costs per unit or compare this with the sales price to determine profit margins.

Productivity and logistic losses due to limited optimization of resources

Your ability to provide an accurate delivery date is challenging enough. The complexity increases when dealing with comprehensive formulations and multi-constraint resources combined with large numbers of short-run orders. With integrated production and logistics management, you are capable to promise and deliver timely.

Complex formulations with by-products and wastage is challenging to manage

Formulas are not only complicated, but they also don't leave much room for error. A minor change in quantity for one ingredient can lead to quality management issues or compromise an entire batch. Integrated logistics management with adequate inventory, quality, and traceability management is key to managing this process.

Challenging to stay in control of your production as it happens

Real-time data access is vital in any company. However, when falling short of set goals, companies tend to add more machines and workforce. That, of course, raises overhead costs

Complying with industry quality and traceability requirements is a time-consuming process

Poor product quality and insufficient traceability can lead to health hazards or environmental issues, but moreover, it can jeopardize your brand, which usually takes years to regain

Challenging to plan your production based on time and maintenance 

Robust asset intelligence information provides the ability to identify trends and shift activities from reactive, unplanned downtime events to proactive preventive maintenance.

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Quickly calculate product margins

The ability to capture real costs at the batch level provides granular cost visibility, which is of paramount importance in the industry.

With Boyum products, you can capture, assign and compare actual and standard costs for all finished products. This includes not only material costs but also labor, machine, and overhead costs as well. You can also calculate co-products and by-products costs and the impact of waste.

We integrate all that information into one system, which is where most companies face a real challenge


Optimize your production and logistics resources

Boyum capacity planning enables you to maximize production output and reduce changeover and cleanups, to meet this increasing demand. 

Calculate initial delivery dates via finite forward scheduling. Combined with Boyum Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality, you can schedule both materials availability and capacity together to calculate a viable delivery date.

Installing production data terminals or direct connection to machine data will provide a closed-loop system.
Optimizing warehouse management will allow for shipping out finished products swiftly under the right conditions

Comprehensive formulation with by-products and wastage

Boyum products allow companies to define processes to include waste, scrap, and by-products. So when you execute planning runs, the resulting production plans will identify the number of by-products or waste generated from each plan.

With Boyum's revision management, you can effectively manage several active BOM's at the same time. With change impact analysis across the enterprise, from forecasting to MRP, purchasing to production, and inventory to sales order, you can manage the full life cycle and ensure the correct products are available to meet customer demand.

Control your production and logistics as it happens

Boyum products provide a full integration between SAP Business One to the shop floor. That means real-time access to data at the production level for real-time execution.

With shop floor data collection tools, your inventory is balanced to ensure the right components and quantities are in the warehouse at the right time. 

You can now analyze, filter, and deliver data from your machines and business processes to provide insights, which in return will help to give better process control, optimize, and reduce overhead costs.

Never lose sight of the quality and traceability of your products

Today, many enterprises are still operating manual paper-based quality and traceability control systems. Running an offline quality and traceability system means that you waste precious time and resources whenever you must perform a customer audit or maintain preferred supplier status.

Quality control allows enterprises to define what, when and how products are tested, providing a full audit and electronic documentation trail of the quality control procedures and processes.

Reduce the amount of man effort required to meet the  industry’s time limit to provide full traceability records. With full backward and forward (end to end) traceability, Boyum Solution delivers quality information and data with a simple click.  



Plan your production based on times and maintenance constraints

With Boyum products, you can plan equipment maintenance, make sure products are available, schedule your labor, and perform maintenance tasks more efficiently. 

You can avoid production downtime, build product inventory levels, ensure customer shipments are on time, and minimize production revenue losses.

Business challenges are hurting your business. It is essential to identify just how much those challenges cost and impacts your business bottom line.



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