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The Boyum IT Coat of arms is a visual representation of our culture and forms the central elements of corporate values, practices, and goals.

It is important to sustain our Nordic company culture while growing and maintaining our values with all the changes brought by mergers and acquisitions, integration, and globalization.

Company’s culture: Energy for LIFE

Boyum IT has defined 4 core values in the company’s culture: Family, Social, Fit, and Excellence.

Our company’s culture revolves around these core values and reflects our perspective and expectations to each other.

Family: A healthy work-life balance is a key to success on both a personal and professional level. We encourage everyone to spend quality time with their families and dedicate some time to hobbies and volunteering activities. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance also helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout at the workplace.

Social: Strong social connections make people happier and physically healthier. Our company’s culture strives to inspire employees to actively socialize with their colleagues during or after working hours. Socializing increases commitment and boosts work performance.

Fit: Being fit can reduce stress, increase energy levels, and improve overall mood. We promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone at Boyum to participate in physical activities arranged by the company. Being physically fit enhances productivity and performance at work.

Excellence: Pursuit of excellence helps us to be more confident. At Boyum IT, we focus on the growth and development of individuals by providing a positive vision with clear career goals. Aiming for success and developing skills drive efficiency and effectiveness





We have always been connected to the world through our growing presence in multiple geographic locations, a diverse and multicultural workforce, a growing partner channel, and our continuous ambition to integrate with global communities. 

We believe diverse teams boost creativity and innovation; and we ensure that everyone is treated fairly while feeling valued, respected, and embedded in our company culture.

Teamwork is the essential element of our company’s culture. Teamwork motivates individuals to work better and smarter, encouraging them to excel and bring out their best. It gives them confidence and inspires them to take risks.

Our goal is to empower our people by creating an environment where team members feel comfortable asking questions, expressing concerns, and sharing their ideas.

Boyum IT has been growing at a double-digit pace for years and our ambition is to become the industry supply-chain leader and help our customers with the best software for their business.

Our company values excellence and advancement by providing a nurturing environment for employees, where they can grow and prosper both personally and professionally. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Work with us and become part of an amazing team

Boyum culture and values

Boyum IT has a strong culture and philosophy supporting a well defined vision and mission.


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