Advanced data capture with AI

We know manual data entry is both time consuming and difficult. MyPaperflow is the AI-powered data capture tool here to scan and process your invoices, receipts and credit notes for you.



MyPaperflow captures data from your documents and imports directly to your workflow or ERP system.

1. Import your document

Send or scan any image, PDF or receipt via mobile, web and mail.

2. MyPaperflow analyzes the document

AI-technology automatically captures and extracts all relevant data from invoices, receipts and credit notes (VAT number, total amount etc.). Our labelling library is impressive and continuously expanding.

3. Human validation

If our advanced error probability detection sees it fitting, the data will pass through our validation team for human validation. No peeking.

4. Integration

The data is structured and automatically imported to your ERP or accounting system.

Goodbye, manual data entry. Hello, automated processes.

The idea behind MyPaperflow's development was to create a simple flow with perfectly automated document scanning, making life easier for bookkeepers, accounting and software partners in workflow/ERP systems.

Today, this solution creates data-driven knowledge by digitising your entire document management system: scan, refine, present - all fully automated.

Papers in your hand, documents on your desk, documents stored in binders. That’s all in the past. The future is paper-free data management in a simple flow, providing you with the necessary insights for your business. MyPaperflow creates data-driven knowledge by supporting your company’s existing document management system.
The purpose is to provide you with freedom and security. We can’t think of a better reason for this solution to be in the market.


Finance / accounting departments: embrace automation today and free your team to focus on what tomorrow will bring.

Developers: shaped as friendly as possible having them in mind.

Banking professionals: for a great online banking experience.

Consultants and RPA developers: a fast and simple way to deliver greater value.


Invoices: it captures all relevant data from an invoice - voucher type, creditors VAT registration number, invoice number and date, payment date, total amount, payment informations and much more.

Credit notes: it captures all relevant data from any credit note such as voucher type, credit note number, credit note date, total amount and much more.

Receipts: it captures all relevant data from any receipt such as voucher type, creditors VAT registration number, total amount, receipt date and much more.


From slow to flow
Speed up your document handling process with up to 10x by automating data entry.


Unleash your team's potential
They are free to focus on the business.


Cut costs
Minimize your invoice processing costs


The power of AI
Our powerful AI-engine captures data from any format without the need to set up templates.


Automated processes
Bring your business into the future.


Reduced errors
Achieve higher levels of accuracy.

Human touch
Continuous validation of data by our validation team.


No more typing
No manual data entry or templates needed.


Smarter and smarter
Our AI-tech learns and improves every day, perfecting your processes, free of charge.

Why waste time and money doing things that our solution can do better, faster and more effectively?

Get in touch today. We would love to show you what MyPaperflow can do for your business.

MyPaperflow is based on 3 principles critical to successful businesses: freedom, knowledge and security. You are free to focus on your business when you don’t have to spend your time and money on paperwork. You get the opportunity to gather crucial knowledge about your business and customers in one place.

You get the highest level of security, because MyPaperflow is fully integrated with your existing set-up, and because our AI technology prevents human errors.

We even offer human validation to provide you with the highest data quality possible.


As an added bonus, our validation team trains the scanning engine every time they validate your data, making your results even more accurate, gradually ending the need for human validation.

          A simple flow  

  • Easy transactions
  • Top level security
  • Financial control
  • Cheaper work processes

Employees get easy-to-do transactions, your CFO has top level security and top management has better financial control and cheaper work processes.

It is a new generation of document management.

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