• Manufacturing planning for the future is easy with Beas APS

    Take your manufacturing capacity planning to the next level with Advanced Planning & Scheduling



With Beas Advanced Planning and Scheduling software, you can increase customer satisfaction by reducing always having full control on production times. This powerful software tool allows you to optimize production schedules and minimize inventory costs while ensuring that orders are delivered on time. 

You’ll be able to see exactly how much work your team and machines can handle at any given time and when they should start new projects. And if there are bottlenecks in your workflow, you’ll know where to focus your attention first.  

Beas scheduling planning is a powerful tool that will help you create comprehensive schedules. With Beas APS, you’ll be able to see exactly how much work your team and machines can handle at any given time, as well as when they should start new projects. 

Beas Advanced Planning and Scheduling also enable you to group resources by common characteristics, custom prioritize according to custom rules, and optimize the use of your limited available resources. 

A new visual interface, the Gantt chart view, displays your APS schedule in an easy-to-understand calendar-style layout.  

Resources’ workload can be gauged by color-coding for each of their work orders daily. Day planners can also manually adjust scheduled tasks by dragging them up or down the timeline and viewing schedules based on resources or work order type with one click. 

The Beas Manufacturing APS software empowers you to use scenarios predefined versions of your capacity planning to make data-driven decisions.  

For example, if you plan to open a new production line with no history of how much it will consume resources or produce products. Then an informed decision about the number and type of required machines is crucial. You can create a scenario that reflects what should happen under various conditions for this new line. Then, compare the results from all these different alternatives to not overlook any necessary details. 

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