• Increase your plant availability and reduce production downtimes

    Optimize your time, materials, and equipment with Beas Manufacturing Maintenance solution


In today's world, increased customer and workplace expectations have placed high importance on continuous process improvement. Plants are continuously called upon to improve cycle time and reduce production stoppages while at the same time maintaining product quality.

Beas Manufacturing Maintenance helps you identify and avoid potential problems before they occur. We'll help you stay ahead of the curve by monitoring your machinery around the clock.

With plant maintenance management software designed with industry standards in mind, everybody uses the same user interfaces, seamlessly integrating with SAP Business One. Users can plan, schedule, and record all kinds of preventive, predictive, and breakdown maintenances on every type of equipment you own or lease!

Get your industrial maintenance data in one place, regardless of how many different platforms you use to run your business. Beas Manufacturing Maintenance ensures that your equipment is compliant and safe to help you run an efficient facility. We have all the crucial history about your gear in one place, along with documents on requirements and regulations, safety tips, and much more.

Keeping this data organized and up-to-date will make audits and proper maintenance much more accessible.

Keeping track of your equipment's maintenance histories and KPIs enables you to make data-driven decisions that will prolong your equipment. Planning for repairs and preventive maintenance will result in more reliable equipment and safer staffing.

Maintenance cost is often the second-highest cost of ownership. However, proper planning results in a longer lifespan for your equipment and therefore decreases your maintenance costs. Also, we can help you find less expensive providers for repair parts.

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