Boyum IT Solutions A/S and all its subsidiaries (“The Boyum IT Group”) strive to set the highest standards of integrity, honesty, transparency, and compliance. We conduct our business fairly, ethically, and according to relevant laws, rules, and regulations, and we expect our business partners and other stakeholders to do so as well. Our Business Ethics and Code of Conduct promote fair business activities and a sustainable society and are aligned with our company vision, mission, and core values which you can find here.


  • We comply with all valid and relevant laws, rules, and regulations, as well as with our internal policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • We conduct our business in a fair and transparent manner, always disclosing accurate information and maintaining the confidentiality of information.
  • We fulfill our social responsibilities based on high business ethics.
  • We avoid any form of criminal activity, incl. money laundering and corruption (fraud, bribery), and accept no form of corruption (fraud, bribery) or improper use / misconduct of entrusted tasks, neither in relation to the company’s or private resources.
  • We are consequent in complying with all relevant anti-money-laundering and anti-corruption laws jurisdictions in which we are commercially active, and we actively promote the compliance with EU law and relevant national competition acts.
  • We create a healthy work environment and maintain a high level of professionalism.
  • We protect and properly use The Boyum IT Solutions Group’s name, reputation, and assets, and avoid any conflicts of interest with the company.
  • We report any violation of the rules to the Compliance Officer.


  • We respect human rights and promote a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  • We treat our colleagues and business partners with respect, dignity, integrity, fairness, and politeness.
  • We promote a healthy work-life-balance and give each employee equal opportunities.
  • We promote a work environment of inclusion and diversity.
  • We strive to protect the health and safety of our employees.
  • We strive to protect the environment.
  • We strive to protect personal data and ensure confidentiality and information security.
  • We promote safety, quality, and reliability of our products, services, and customers.
  • We conduct our business professionally and objectively to ensure fair and trustful business relationships.

Download our business ethics and code of conduct here.


Any questions or concerns about ethics issues can be directed to us at legal@remove-this.boyum-it.com



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