From zero to hero in 9 lessons

It doesn't matter how experienced you are with SAP Business One, the B1 Usability Package (B1UP) makes your work more efficient with easy customizations, dashboard reporting, bulk updating, and more. These starting lessons are made for our partners and customers who have never used B1UP and might not even have a license yet. In roughly two hours, this training will kickstart your path to become a B1UP master.


In this video, we will show you the basic steps that you'll go through on your first B1UP installation. We will download the product, get a demo license and configure the basic modules. Towards the end, we'll make our first customizations on the Business Partner screen that goes directly to a Sales Order screen.

In this video, we'll go through some simple and easy tweaks that can deliver instant value to your work. We'll start with the exchange rates module and then take a look at the powerful B1 Toolbox.

Our B1 Dashboards visualize data and provide customers with a better overview of operational performance. Simply define which KPIs are to be monitored and get a clear picture of how your business performs. With Dashboards, data can be prepared, quickly retrieved and thus changes or trends can be made transparent. In this video, we'll go through the different widget the Dashboards can offer.

In this video, we'll go through the options for screen manipulation in B1UP. With simple and easy to use configurations, you can modify the SAP Business One screens to your liking. Item Placement Tool also offers an advanced view which allows you to do more powerful changes on the screen.

In this video, we'll go through the different bulk update options B1UP has to offer. With the Master Data Manager, you are able to perform administration and maintenance tasks on common master data as a batch. This is done without the need for external tools like Data Transfer Workbench.

Sometimes you need create custom business rules which define specific instructions or constraints on how certain day-to-day actions should be performed. With the Validations module in B1UP, you can create almost any advanced business rule in SAP Business One.

In this video, we'll go through Universal Functions, the building blocks for every successful SAP Business One implementation. Watch how we go through the powerful options Universal Functions can offer.

Our "B1 Print & Delivery" -module enables your company to scale communication through true automation, while still preserving the personal touch required to connect with your audience. In this video we'll go through the introduction of the comprehensive features and flexible logic "B1 Print & Delivery" can offer for different scenarios.

In this last video, you'll get a short introduction to the rest of the modules B1UP has to offer, so you can explore them on your own with the resource links provided.

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