Software Maintenance Renewal FAQ

The maintenance payment is always due on January 31 in the current year.

You have until 31 January to place the order for any customers wishing to renew maintenance for the new year.

On 1 February, if a renewal order hasn’t been placed, a penalty fee of 2% of the recommended retail price of the products in question will be added to the maintenance cost for each customer – this equates to 20% of maintenance price.

On 1 March, if a renewal order has not been placed, this penalty fee will increase to 5% of the recommended retail price, equating to 50% of the maintenance price.

On April 1, if a renewal order has not been placed, we will assume that the customer does not wish to continue on maintenance for the new year, and the normal fee of 10% of the recommended retail price will apply, with no exceptions.

Any customer that doesn’t renew their maintenance will be unable to upgrade their existing products or purchase additional users. They will also miss out on all of the amazing new functionality that we add to our products year on year.

Finally, if you do not pay your maintenance you are not entitled to free support – we only offer free support to end-customers with active maintenance. 

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