Software Maintenance Renewal FAQ

Every year, customers who wish to experience the innovations of our solutions must renew their annual maintenance. As a partner, you have until January 31st to place maintenance renewal orders for your customers in the Boyum Portal.

Late renewals include a Reinstatement Fee, which is progressive and based on maintenance amount, as follows:


Starting DateReinstatement Fee
February 1th20%
March 1th50%
April 1th100%

As of April 1, non-renewed maintenance will be canceled, without exceptions. Installations out of maintenance DO NOT HAVE the following benefits:

  • Free Product support
  • Upgrade products to new releases (which contain new features and bug fixes)
  • Purchase of additional users

Do not leave it for later! Posterior maintenance reactivation includes all maintenance pending since the last renewal, plus the corresponding Reinstatement Fee.


Keep maintenance up to date and maximize benefits for your business and your customers!



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