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All your product information spread from one single place

A spreadsheet-free way of launching and updating products

If you feel like you are living in a data jungle, keep reading. The volume of products and the information about them: prices, specs and other keeps growing. Let’s say there is a new model added in your product portfolio, in three different sizes, five different colors, and four different textures. Updating this information, in different formats and languages, across several channels is crucial to ensure consistent product delivery to your customers; but how do you make sure relevant and consistent data is spread all over gets to where it needs to be?

Publish all your brochures, catalogs, apps and website in one go.

100% data consistency

Ensure a coherent user experience across channels, both in digital and physical form. PIM does just that,
reducing manual errors to keep accurate product data wherever your products are.

Better communication

“Are we sure that the price is correct?” “I need to get an answer back from the product department about what colors we supply it in.” A PIM system is a single source of truth for more effective communication around what matters. 

Shorter time to market

In a PIM system, all the data is accessible to everyone, and employees from several departments can work on it at the same time.  Let your sales team generate unique brochures and price lists, adapted to specific customer needs, without depending on marketing, and let marketing focus on messaging instead of execution. 

Universal translations

Globalization also often means that you need to work in several languages, which adds an extra layer of complexity to the marketing work. PIM enables clear processes for translating, updating and publishing data in a matter of clicks.

“My advice to others, who consider upgrading their ERP system, is to get started with the PIM part as early as possible. The clear and easy way of working with data.”

Anders Jensen

Digital & Marketing Manager, Damstahl a/s

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Ready to market your product updates