Get ready to start scanning at the warehouse

Scan barcodes easily after a quick implementation of Produmex Scan

Picking and shipping made easy with Produmex Scan, for streamlined warehouse movement and real-time transactions

Know exactly what you have in stock at all times

Maintain up-to-date inventory data on to know what you have in stock and where you have it at any moment.

Your logistics documentation in one place

Gain time as a warehouse supervisor or manager and get an overview of expected goods receipts, sales orders, and pick lists.

Always on time and with internal transparency

As soon as an order is received, it can be assigned to a location. The team will know where the product needs to go or where it is stored.

Customized Integrations

Already using systems in the warehouse or store you would like to integrate Produmex Scan with? Let us connect everything for you. 

“One and a half year ago we had nothing, we picked everything with pencil and paper, so a lot of mistakes and no control. You have to take the tools to get a good result.”

Martijn Jagersma

Logistics Manager, Van Duijnen Koffie

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Get ready to start scanning at the warehouse