Make SAP Business One easier to use with a no-code solution

Customize it quickly with B1 Usability Package

B1 Usability Package makes the ERP fit your needs and way of working.

Make better decisions

B1UP gives your SAP users the freedom to access data in innovative ways without burdening existing resources.

Simplify your business  

Make SAP processes simpler and adapt to your way of working – that will allow you to do even more with it.

Empower your team

Ensure SAP users that they have all the correct data with automated extra validation checks.

No code, no problem

SAP Business One users can experience SAP customization that was previously available only to SAP development experts.

Designed to deliver the best user experience

B1 Usability Package (B1UP) is an award-winning solution designed to enable you to customize and automate SAP Business One effortlessly, making it ready to face the most diverse scenarios and challenges.

B1UP brings a new depth of versatility to SAP Business One, ensuring a flawless user experience and giving you the competitive edge that you need to drive your organization to success.

Improve business communication with additional modules

B1 Print & Delivery is an additional module to B1UP which automates the entire communication flow. It enables employees to maximize their productivity by handling day-to-day repetitive communication-related tasks, such as emailing, viewing, printing, and saving documents and reports.

“We needed a robust system to help fulfill all our inventory
transactions. We were finally able to get the distribution warehousing site in place (…), looking to expand our warehouse management capacity along with our production process.”

Andy Bertha

VP of Systems and Technologies

“We succeeded in automating the purchasing process, thus allowing employees to focus on their core tasks. Now they can concentrate on production planning.”

Christof Marx

Director of Supply Management, Bübchen

“By working with Boyum IT, we know the software and the whole process is in one place. We have the right foundation there to really grow and achieve the big aims we have.”

Richard Turne

Founder and Managing Director, Ombar / Mood Foods

“B1 Usability Package is a must-have for any SAP customer. B1UP
extends the usability of the product and it allows you to automate procedures.
It makes the user experience a lot better. We have been able to provide validation and some customizations for the product that we weren’t able to with SAP out of the box.
We manage a lot of the simulators that our customers have through the equipment carts, and through B1UP, with a few clicks we were able to display this information that makes that table sortable, and just more accessible and readable to our users.”

Cristina Ramirez

SAP Manager, Gaumard

“The B1UP gives me a massive opportunity to get the information I need. It makes it so easy for me.”

Lizzie Gibbon

Finance Manager, Holyrood Distillery

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Make SAP Business One easier to use with a no-code solution