Easy electronic payment automation with B1 iPayment

Accept electronic payments safely with B1 iPayment, integrated with Trust Payments, Eway & Authorize.net.

Save time and money by automating the process of accepting credit card payments in SAP Business One

Save money

Every aspect of non-electronic payment – from posting, deposits, employees, manual processes, and more – costs time and money. Electronic payments processing only involve comparatively small transaction fees.

Get paid faster

Many businesses have experienced shorter payment cycles with B1 iPayment. You can expect faster, automated payments of invoices and credit cards transactions and avoid delayed payments.

Freedom Of Choice 

With so many options, you can select the right electronic payment gateway based on your preferences, location, customer service levels, and transaction fees. And it’s always easy to switch providers and adapt your payments strategy.

Absolute Payment Security 

In this day and age, security is a top priority for everyone. With B1 iPayment, you can be sure that your payment data are stored safely, securely, and always encrypted and even when the transmission methods change.

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Easy electronic payment automation with B1 iPayment