YINSA obtains real-time visibility with Beas

June 20, 2024


Ever since 1982, Sonora-based YINSA has offered high-quality plaster solutions for Mexico’s construction and agriculture industries.


Challenges Faced by YINSA

Although the company was successful, they encountered several challenges that affected their visibility and warehouse costs.

Lack of tracking in real-time: The company could not track in real-time creating uncertainty about what is the cost to make the product which led to investing in unneeded raw materials and run into shortfalls.

Results with Boyum Solutions

To address these challenges, YINSA implemented Boyum Solutions, which offered several benefits:

Cost savings from optimized raw materials allocation, resulting in the elimination of unneeded materials surpluses or shortfalls.

Real-time data and analytics for overall better decision-making. End-to-end materials and product traceability

Expanded accessibility and easier system connectivity.

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