Get endless possibilities with Beas Manufacturing

Consolidate your growth with private cloud for manufacturers

Manufacturing excellence is about more than producing quality goods. It is about your entire business.

The focus is on your products’ quality

Minimize waste and be on the right path for your customers to have great experiences with your products.

More value out of your production

Beas is a leading manufacturing solution because of how comprehensive it is and how many processes it impacts positively

Flexible modules, scalable business

The Beas suite provides robust and scalable solutions tailored to the process or discrete manufacturer’s needs

Beas Manufacturing Dashboards

See what’s going on behind the scenes with Beas Manufacturing Dashboards to simplify your data.

Integration with Produmex WMS

By combining Beas Manufacturing and Produmex WMS, you can enhance efficiency and management in the supply chain and manufacturing, while gaining the advantages of utilizing both products:

Manage orders and inventory, plan production and control operations from start to finish

Production Planning

Streamlines planning and reduces staff overhead by efficiently scheduling available resources to match your needs.

Production monitoring

Tracks manufacturing performance in real time, manages work orders and identifies improvement areas.

Costing Control

Analyzes the costs associated with manufacturing, adapt own cost elements, compare to make them more efficient and configure how you want to reflect them in accounting.​

Data collection

Facilitates data collection for shop floor operators through terminal applications that can be deployed on computers or mobile devices​.

Customizable and Integration

Customize your business rules and leverage Industry 4.0 technology to automate workflows through seamless integration.

Quality Control & Inspections

Plans and executes quality inspections in all phases associated with manufacturing and stock movements.

Realtime Reporting & MRP I, II

Prevent product shortages by adjusting material requirements planning based on production plans and real-time inventory levels.

Version & Revision Control

Managing revisions of items and bills of materials can be a challenging task, especially for complicated multi-level BOMs. 

“We needed a robust system to help fulfill all our inventory
transactions. We were finally able to get the distribution warehousing site in place (…), looking to expand our warehouse management capacity along with our production process.”

Andy Bertha

VP of Systems and Technologies

To SPS, the partnership with Boyum can be summarized in 2 words: solutions and spotlight(..) Boyum is highly recognized and well-regarded in the global SAP ecosystem. Despite the geographic distance, with Boyum’s headquarters in Denmark, the solutions are very robust and the partnership remains highly supportive, regardless of the distance.

Milton Ribeiro

Co-CEO, SPS Group

“Providing 45 different KPIs and key financials on a monthly basis took us 1 full-time person over 1 month to generate. With Beas Manufacturing this is now done in 5 days – a 75% improvement. In only a few clicks we get all the data we need, which has made our daily work so much easier for us.”

Stefano Bianchetti

Material Manager, Tattile

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Get endless possibilities with Beas Manufacturing