Introducing the Product Value Chain

Go beyond supply chain and focus on what truly matters to you and your customers

Because your product is not just a product. It’s the life experiences you create with it.


Be confident

Develop your product with confidence of a smooth production process.


Be in control

Produce your product with instant and clear overview of your production process.


Be content

Inspect your products to ensure consistent high quality according to your standards.


Be on top

Tailor your business workflows to ensure customers get the right product on time.


Be at ease

Bring your product to the market effortlessly from one single source of truth.

Make every step of the journey count.

Connect your product vision with your customer’s experiences. 

More than just creating and distributing goods, it’s about connecting people and products, and bring them to life. From your initial idea all the way to your customer’s door, delivering value each step of the way.

What is value for our customers?

Each journey is unique, but the finish line is always success. Let us help you get there.


“My advice to others, who consider upgrading their ERP system, is to get started with the PIM part as early as possible. The clear and easy way of working with data."

Anders Jensen

Digital & Marketing Manager, Damstahl a/s


“We succeeded in automating the purchasing process, thus allowing employees to focus on their core tasks. Now they can concentrate on production planning.”

Christof Marx

Director of Supply Management, Bübchen


“I’m still very happy. With a limited investment, we are, in a short time, benefiting in all our processes.”

Paul Kragten

CEO & Owner, Van Duijnen Koffie

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