Safe and compliant production and warehouse management in one system

Challenges and solutions

FEFO and shelf-life surveillance

No more manually recording of product expiration dates and consideration of shelf-life requirements. Get support for First Expired/First Out picking methodologies.

Inventory conditions' control

Safety is of the highest priority for any manufacturer or distributor in regulated industries. Easily ensure proper storage conditions to all products in the warehouse.


Serialization and product traceability

Serializing items and devices for full traceability is key in regulated industries. Track batches and individual products, and minimize wastage if something goes wrong.

Regulatory compliance and validation

Regulated industries are necessarily held to a high standard of public trust. Maintain a real-time view of your compliance programs and have proof of every test for regulators.


Food & Beverages

Life Sciences

Product Recommendations

A state-of-the-art manufacturing solution: a solution of role-based applications, built on standardized best practices, Netronic Manufacturing will lead you to deliver meaningful products that create value for your customers – from innovation to production and quality control.

A robust, comprehensive private cloud solution offering functionality from the planning phase through to control, implementation, and fulfillment, Beas Manufacturing ensures flexibility and grows with your business.

B1 Usability Package provides numerous easy-to-use tools to completely redesign the interface & workflows of SAP Business One to fit your business, your way of working and your preferences on data dashboards.

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Safe and compliant production and warehouse management in one system