Optimized warehouse space and guidance

Turn warehouse logistics into clear, fast and well-communicated operations

Find the right flow in harmonious warehouse solutions

Every square meter counts. Logistics is a daily dance of products in, products out. The true challenges lie in real-time inventory management and optimal usage of space, without compromising quality and compliance. Pave the way for smarter decisions, faster customer order processing, quicker deliveries, and increased satisfaction, inside and outside of the warehouse. How? 

Everything in the right place, at the right time, in the right order.

Know what you have

Improved transparency and inventory accuracy, leading to better material planning

Track your steps

Increased quality, traceability and ensured compliance with GS1, EDI, ASN and 3PL.

Discover new routes

Ensure scalability to adapt to new requirements and extended business activity when you grow

Time to connect

Integration with other warehouse softwares as well as with different Boyum IT Solutions.


“We are happy to use Produmex Scan. It is very stable, easy to use and supported our growth over the last 6 years.”

Frank Seger

IT Manager, United Sports Brands

“With Produmex WMS I can see a real quick overview of the stock, the goods coming in and the deliveries that are already made. It’s a very useful work tool. It makes my working life easier.”

Lise Heilen

Master Batch Record Assistant

laboratoria wolfs, produmex wms user - customer of boyum it solutions

“One and a half year ago we had nothing, we picked everything with pencil and paper, so a lot of mistakes and no control. You have to take the tools to get a good result.”

Martijn Jagersma

Logistics Manager, Van Duijnen Koffie

“The amount of errors in production, as well as in logistics,
reduced. We need a reliable partner like SAP and (Boyum with) Produmex (WMS) to secure and our growth in the future.”

Theo Stellingwerf

Operational Director, Oliehoorn

“I’m still very happy. With a limited investment, we are, in a short time, benefiting in all our processes.”

Paul Kragten

CEO & Owner, Van Duijnen Koffie

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Optimized warehouse space and guidance