Synchronize data from headquarters to subsidiaries

Do it effortlessly with B1 InterCompany

Spend less time on data entry and more on growth and innovation

Streamline integration of transactions​

Synchronize data across multiple subsidiaries to provide a common platform to report from​.

Increase accuracy and reduce errors

Automating manual data entry can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing the burden of repetitive tasks.

Visibility across business operations

Delivers transparency across subsidiaries for better decision making and control over intercompany processes at head office level​.

Enables scalability and growth

Enables organizational growth and expansion as it seamlessly accommodates additional company subsidiaries to support business expansion​.

For smoother business transactions between parent companies and subsidiaries

Picture this: your data, documents, and transactions flow effortlessly between SAP Business One databases, simplifying your daily operations.

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Synchronize data from headquarters to subsidiaries