Unify your product data and simplify your work with Perfion

A PIM system allows you to manage all product information in one place

Tie all your data sources together for up-to-date product information at everyone’s fingertips.

Fast and error-free product data management

Perfion PIM gives you full control to create and maintain all imaginable product information with ease.

Multi-channel marketing made easy

Publish your data simultaneously across multiple channels, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to delivering exceptional products.

A seamless IT fit with Perfion PIM

You can integrate it into your existing IT systems in a snap, with native integration into ERPs and e-commerce platforms.

For Marketing Managers

Perfion PIM helps the marketing department find, verify, and edit product information across multiple channels, allowing space for more creativity.

For Product Managers

With Perfion PIM, product managers keep can product information up-to-date so that current product data always reaches colleagues, customers and business partners.

For IT Managers

Perfion PIM makes it possible to move away from spreadsheets and makes it easy for IT to manage product data and get scalability

“My advice to others, who consider upgrading their ERP system, is to get started with the PIM part as early as possible. The clear and easy way of working with data, that you learn by implementing a PIM system, is extremely valuable – and you will already have a bulk of the data migration work behind you the moment you start your ERP project​.”

Anders Jensen

Digital & Marketing Manager, Damstahl a/s

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Unify your product data and simplify your work with Perfion