The Ultimate AI-Powered Data Processing Solution

Enhance Your Business Processes with Precision and Ease

High-Quality Data from Day One

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in data capture right from the first scan, ensuring minimal error rates and maximum efficiency.

AI-Powered Scanning

Utilize advanced AI technologies to automate the extraction and categorization of data from invoices and receipts, significantly reducing manual effort.

Continuous Improvement

Benefit from a system that upgrades its capabilities daily, ensuring you always operate with the latest advancements in data capture technology.

Seamlessly capture data from different formats

Paperflow handles a variety of formats, from pictures to PDFs, invoices, and beyond, all smoothly received through API, mobile, or email.

OCR and accurate data labeling

Advanced OCR technology is used to process incoming documents, extracting key data points. Each piece of data is labeled and categorized, ensuring it’s correctly identified and formatted for your ERP system.

Enhanced accuracy with data validation

For even greater accuracy, documents can undergo manual review before final data delivery, adding an extra layer of validation.

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The Ultimate AI-Powered Data Processing Solution