25+ years making lives easier

Our History

1997 – The Beginning of the Journey

MBJ Electronics was founded by Mikael Boyum with the focus on hardware. Over the years, the company slowly geared towards web solutions.

2001 to 2004 – Name Change

MBJ Electronics underwent a name change to Boyum IT. During this period, we became an SAP Partner and showcased our first award-winning add-on.

2005 – Release of B1UP

B1 Usability Package quickly became popular, and we started setting our footprints within the IT solutions market. The add-on has now over 6,000 installations in more than 90 countries. 

2007 to 2011 – The First Awards

We became a Gold SAP Partner and received several Danish Gazelle awards. The company opened offices in Germany and Brazil, and sales offices in the UK, Mexico, Israel and Australia.

2016 – Beas Group AG Acquisition

The acquisition of the Swiss company was a big step into the manufacturing market. This year we also created a new company structure with subsidiaries based on areas of the business. 

2018 – Produmex Acquisition

We ventured into the warehouse management market by acquiring this Belgian company. Simultaneously, the international expansion continued with the opening of the US office.

2022 - Paperflow Acquisition

The acquisition of the Danish company Paperflow led us to a new chapter of our journey, focusing on a wider portfolio of cloud-based software that integrates AI. 

2023 – Perfion Acquisition

With the acquisition of the Danish company, we entered the Microsoft BC ecosystem, accelerating our strategy to enable the product value chain for different ERP systems.

2024 – Netronic Acquisition

With the acquisition of the German, we expanded our cloud manufacturing offering for SMEs looking to add value to their core work processes and be their go-to partner.


We work hard and celebrate each milestone

“I was ready to go out and help small businesses here in Denmark. (…) Everything was really hands-on, myself understanding what the customer was asking. (…) (Now) we are in Denmark, we are in Germany, we are in Belgium, we are in Budapest, we are in Spain (…) and we have our different cultures. (…) When I’m really proud is when I see how teams work together, and I feel like we are committed to the same goal.”


Mikael Boyum

Founder and CEO

“Just a nice, family-run business”