From smooth production to on-time delivery with Netronic Manufacturing

A solution of integrated apps crafted to enable SME manufacturers to innovate with structure, produce on time, and meet their quality standards.

We support your ambition to deliver high-quality products on time

Build your product

Plan what needs to be done for a new or changing product. Deliver complete and accurate information to production and achieve a smooth production process.

Schedule production

Schedule your production to optimize resource utilization and ensure timely production throughput. Improve on-time delivery, shorten lead times and optimize processes with effective scheduling.

Produce your product

Manage production orders by planning, approving, and tracking production steps in real-time. Get an instant and clear overview of your production process and increase the work performance on the shop floor.

Inspect your product

Improve productivity and make better decisions in your quality department by automating inspection operations, optimizing data collection on the shop floor, and reacting to results in real time.

Product Manager

Track and plan product development in real-time, ensuring you never lose sight of tasks. Import, copy, or create Bills of Materials (BOMs) from existing assets or from scratch. Mock-up operation plans with a fast, fluid interface before integrating with the ERP. Determine material and labor costs, calculate manufacturing and sales expenses, and seamlessly transfer pricing to price lists.

Production Scheduler

Manage production operations efficiently by leveraging advanced scheduling tools to ensure reliable delivery timelines. Monitor production processes to optimize efficiency and quality while minimizing costs. Provide crucial administrative support to production teams. Track and resolve production issues promptly. Implement effective scheduling of materials and workforce to support seamless operations.

Shop Floor Manager

Organize and prioritize production order backlog effectively. Benefit from a comprehensive view of production orders and progress, with automatic or manual priority assignment for optimized planning. Provide clear production orders for shop floor execution, accessing material requirements and enabling simple selection and release of next tasks for employees.

Shop Floor Operator

Select and execute production orders seamlessly. Get a paperless overview, select the next order, view materials and resources needed, record time and materials usage, report finished quantities, and complete processing efficiently. Access instructions, materials, and resources digitally, ensuring accurate production data collection.

Quality Manager

Manage inspection plans by incorporating sample plans and quality targets for every inspection step. Implementing testing procedures includes providing clear instructions for inspectors to establish quality targets and sampling rules. Utilizing a quality dashboard, quality managers can analyze inspections comprehensively, delve into test results, and monitor global quality trends effectively.

Quality Inspector

Conduct inspections and gather quality data seamlessly, providing a concise, paperless overview of your tasks with shop floor data collection. Moreover, our system facilitates the processing of inspection plans, efficient collection of quality data and defect types, and timely completion of inspection orders.

“FlashCo has grown 20% year over year and continues to grow. Without the cloud apps from Boyum IT, we wouldn’t be able to facilitate that growth. They were really powerful in providing real-time data for our supply chain​.”

Matt Froehlich

Supply Chain Director FlashCo

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From smooth production to on-time delivery with Netronic Manufacturing