How to differentiate Beas Manufacturing in a Sales Cycle

October 12, 2021

As you all know, we’re living in an era characterized by an abundance of choice phone contracts, laptops, coffee products, chocolate, you name it. There is a choice for everything.

Software as an industry is definitely not an exception. Just look at how many CRM solutions are out there. Look at other categories, and you’ll get a very similar picture. So how do you cut through the noise and ensure that your potential customers see the value in the Beas Manufacturing solution?

How can you differentiate the Beas Manufacturing so that your customers will want you and the solution you offer? Well, that’s the topic for our blog post today. Hope you enjoy it.

What is Beas Manufacturing?

SAP Business One comes with a basic manufacturing solution embedded within the system that allows people or companies with straightforward production requirements to use it. Beas Manufacturing is an addition that enhances SAP Business One with a full-blown manufacturing system. It can compete with any other system you can find in the market.

So you have the best of both worlds here.

You have SAP Business One with all the capabilities that we already know and love. And you have full manufacturing software that includes anything you could expect from a manufacturing solution.

What are the main features that Beas Manufacturing covers?

Beas Manufacturing covers all the things you would expect from manufacturing software like:

  • A very comprehensive bill of materials or formulation or recipe.
  • Version control
  • Product configurator that allows you to set up bill of materials that are not standard. They can vary every time you make a sale.
  • MRP and MRP2. When you run your MRP, you know, not only will the system tell you what you need to purchase/produce and when, but how it will affect your resources going forward. How will it affect your capacity in the future? All this without even creating work orders or any other document.
  • A quality control system that runs in the background and controls the whole process
  • maintenance module that allows you to create preventive maintenance for your machines and plan your production accordingly.
  • and more

What is Beas Manufacturing target market?

This is the million-dollar question.

You would assume that a product has a specific target market. Like you have some programs that deal with process manufacturing and others with discrete manufacturing.

Beas Manufacturing comes with a set of parameters that allows you to work in multiple types of industries. From process to discrete manufacturing. Those settings allow you allow the system to work properly in each of the required environments. Beas Manufacturing is very flexible in that sense. I mean, it can adapt to many different scenarios and regulation requirements.

Manufacturing industries are vast in requirements. Even within the same industry, or sub-industry, two companies can operate entirely differently. Do you think this is a challenge within the current Beas Manufacturing functionalities and available features to set two different business operations within the same industry?

From my experience doing manufacturing projects for the last 30 years, no two companies are the same.

Two companies that make precisely the same product might work in completely two different ways. And that’s one of the biggest strengths that customers are finding in Beas Manufacturing. For example, you may have a preconception of how the metal industry should work. But when you start to implement, you realize that one company wants this, the other wants something completely different. That’s where Beas Manufacturing flexibility plays a critical role as it allows you to provide that differentiator to each of those companies.

This is critical as the market space is very competitive. Companies need to manufacture in the leanest mode possible to save costs and be more effective and efficient. Flexibility is one strength of Beas Manufacturing. What would you say are the other features that make a difference and move the needles for customers?

  • Beas Manufacturing is embedded within SAP business one. Users working in Beas Manufacturing does do not know that they are working with an additional system which is a great advantage.
  • Manage your inventory levels properly using MRP and MRP2. Beas Manufacturing has a very comprehensive inventory management system, which is SAP inventory management with enhancement.
  • Manage all your manufacturing costs properly. That means material and labor, and resources. For both, before you produce to see how much it should cost you and after you produce to see how much it actually costs.
  • We can manage complex BOMs.
  • Comprehensive quality management and capacity planning for our resources.


Do you think that partners need to look at the company size (number of transactions, number of bill of materials, length of bill of materials) before they qualify Beas Manufacturing for the deal?

We have customers that have a bill of materials with 35000 items in it. Does it work? Yes. But it all depends on how many work orders the company is issuing in a particular year.

If you only have one work order a year, that’s not a problem. If you have 3000 work orders of that size a BOM, there may be an issue that’s worth checking.

From my experience, I haven’t come across many customers that Beas Manufacturing could not cover their requirements, also when talking about size. Still, it is a valid point, and it has to be reviewed.

What should be the sales strategy for new partners that would like to start selling Beas Manufacturing?

For new customers, it is ideal to look for customers with simple manufacturing requirements that are easier to implement. It can be an excellent stepping stone for further customers. It doesn’t matter in which industry.

One of the biggest challenges that we have today is that consultants working in the SAP Business One have limited knowledge in manufacturing.

Our primary goal in Boyum Solutions is to educate and teach our partners and get them ramped up fast with great knowledge. For that, we have e-learning  programs that allow consultants to watch it on their own time. The eLearning doesn’t just teach you about Beas Manufacturing and how it works but also provides a great entry point into the manufacturing world,

The mixture of e-learning with a straightforward first customer for new partners and us is a recipe for success. New partners can quickly have consultants that can create and manage the project.

If partners need us to assist them both in the sales and then in the projects, we’re here for them and can assist if required, of course.

What's sets Beas Manufacturing apart?

We are by far the most comprehensive manufacturing solution within the SAP Business One ecosystem. We have over 1,300 customers working with Beas Manufacturing in many industries. We’ve been in the SAP Business One market since 2003, and we’ve seen it all.

We continue to invest in the product. We continue to modify it and enhance it and provide better solutions.

An important point is that we listen to you. Partners can go in and request functionalities. And if enough partners are asking for the same functionality, eventually will get there. We always have conversations with our partners and solicit feedback on what is required. We’ve been here for a very long time. We’ll keep being here and have a really flexible system, as we mentioned before.

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