Laboratoria Wolfs digitally transformed their logistics with Produmex WMS

June 24, 2024

Laboratoria Wolfs is an independent, GMP-certified contract manufacturer for pharmaceutical products and food supplements in an oral dosage form. The combination of Produmex WMS with the ERP was necessary for the manufacturer’s digital transformation, and they see it as “the future for every company”.

Why did they need Boyum IT Solutions?

They needed to make sure they could control a lot of their business processes from their desk – from the purchase of raw material to the end product -, and have it all digitally locked.

How are the software solutions helping?

Laboratoria Wolfs is using the combination of Produmex WMS with the ERP in the warehouse and their production, but also for actual product release (from the raw materials coming in and the quality status follow-up of these raw materials, to the release of the product to the market).

What were the results of the implementation?

  • Quick overview of the stock, the goods coming in and the deliveries made
  • A lot of automation inside the warehouse and in the production area
  • The way paved for all business processes to be fully automated in the future

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