Boost shop floor efficiency and eliminate delays

May 19, 2023

If you’re looking to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing company’s shop floor – We have the right solution for you!


Boost shop floor efficiency and eliminate delays with Produce

Increasing productivity and efficiency in manufacturing is a goal many companies strive for. To achieve this, effective communication and real-time connectivity between shop floor managers and operators are necessary. This is where Boyum’s Cloud App Produce comes in. As a modern application for handling production orders, it assists manufacturing companies in improving their performance on the shop floor.


What is Produce? What is it not?

Produce is a specialized app that focuses on shop floor departments. Produce is not a production or capacity planning tool. Produce takes the planned production orders from the ERP and makes them available as a worklist for further production processing. It concentrates specifically on shop floor management and production order processing. The focus on shop floor activities not only reduces complexity in operations, but low implementation and training effort also allows companies to achieve faster results.


Streamline production orders and embrace paperless efficiency

With Produce, manufacturing companies can streamline their production orders and embrace paperless efficiency. Shop floor managers gain an overview of production orders and can prioritize their sequence and visibility on the terminal for operators. This optimizes execution and prevents information loss. Produce also enables paperless manufacturing, as digital instructions, material requirements, and resource needs are accessible to operators on the shop floor. This reduces paper consumption and minimizes errors caused by manual recording. The result is a more efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Empower shop floor managers with complete production progress visibility

With Boyum Cloud Produce, shop floor managers can enjoy the benefits of complete production progress visibility. This is achieved through real-time production progress tracking, which allows for monitoring of individual production orders, reviewing of time and material transactions, and completion of production orders. By empowering shop floor managers with this level of visibility, they can respond to bottlenecks and delays faster and exert greater control over the production process.

Increased productivity and elimination of paperwork for shop floor operators

Operators on the shop floor also benefit from Boyum Cloud Produce. They receive a clear and paperless overview of their work. They can select the next production order and have all the necessary information as material requirements, resources, and instructions readily available. By efficiently starting and stopping operations and capturing time and material usage, they minimize administrative tasks and can focus on their responsibilities.

A modern and sustainable solution for your shop floor department

Overall, Produce offers a modern solution for manufacturing companies looking to enhance their performance on the shop floor. Real-time connectivity and communication between shop floor managers and operators enable minimizing bottlenecks and delays, optimizing production workflows, and accelerating decision-making. With paperless production data capture and complete visibility of production progress, companies maintain control and can make their manufacturing processes more efficient.

Boyum Cloud Produce delivers valuable support for manufacturing companies seeking a modern and effective solution for their shop floor management.

Learn more about Produce: Visit our product page or download our brochure!


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